How it all Began...


I have been a healer for a long time

But I've been in some very busy jobs making healing just a past-time or spur of the moment thing to do.


It was only until I went to live in Morocco that my journey truly began. I was living in Essaouira, on the west coast (3 hrs from Marrakech).

A number of people were telling me that Karma gets paid back immediately in this place, and to watch what you do and say.

It didn’t take too long until I found out exactly what that meant…




One day I was walking across the square, I was thinking unkind thoughts about someone who was intrinsically good…. My feet suddenly stopped, routed to the spot, and I fell, like a tree, straight to the ground. My first thought when I came to my senses after the fall was ‘there is a God!’ and from that point I changed in a positive way, seeking the spiritual and knowing that I could be a better person.


It is a long story in itself, but suffice to say, Essaouira is a very special place for the spiritual seeker, it is unique in Morocco for many reasons and it feels obvious to me that for centuries people have known of it's uniqueness; they’ve gathered there creating enclaves of spiritual practices and have defended it ruthlessly.  I regularly take spiritually minded people there for a unique experience of mind, body and spirit. Connect with me to ask when the next trip may be.


After 4 and a half years I was guided to come back to London and eventually, when I accepted what my guides were telling me, the perfect job appeared. I knew  that I would get it and I did.


Back in England....


As well as the great job of restoring a Georgian Walled Garden into a community food growing hub, I knew my path was healing and I was drawn to learn and develop as soon as I arrived back in London.


I got incredibly excited when I started training in Reiki - my hands would get very hot when I was near someone that I had a message for, or when someone needing some healing. I am a Reiki Master now, of Usui lineage. I practised Reiki but my skill seemed to be in Distance Healing. My clients and I connect at a designated time but at a geographical distance.


This developed further when I trained to be a  Reyad Sekh Em practitioner, an Egyptian based philosophy of healing.

I found it less prescriptive than Reiki where I could use my guidance and intuition more fully. I was doing this new distance healing all over the world. I would give feedback to every client and they would resonate with what I was telling them one way or another. I was very excited about it.


My love of plants and the natural world has been with me all my life. As I child you’d find me hanging on to the very last branch at the top of a tree or exploring plants and the insects in the undergrowth. I trained as a Permaculturist in Jordan, with the gurus Bill Mollison (RIP) & Geoff Lawton, further understanding the natural systems. Permaculture is a fantastic concept and highly useable for everyday life. But I eventually realised that something was missing from it and this was/is the spiritual element.


So I was drawn the training to be a Plant Spirit Healer with the awesome Pam Montgomery and I highly recommend her book Plant Spirit Healing.


The training gave me heightened experiences of the plant kingdom, plants as sentient beings are here to help us, not only with nutrition or the healing compounds that science tells us about, but through their spiritual wisdom for healing. I was also opened up to Shamanic practises from the Americas. Ancient techniques to enable us to work with spirit guides of all persuasions, including plants, crystal and etheric kingdoms.


I further trained in shamanic practises at Findhorn with Kurikindi, a very special individual from Ecuador, who was born into a shamanic family, I believe soon to be one of the most important shamans and spiritual leaders of our time. 


I was further guided by a number of personal experiences to look in to Spirit Release I attended a ‘Spiritual influence in Mental Health’ conference where I met, and subsequently trained with, Dr.Terence Palmer.

 A very high proportion of people walking around have some sort of attachment and do not know it, that was me too a few years ago!. Note that this is not possession which is very very rare. I'm talking low level negative annoyances which nonetheless can cause mental anguish if left unckecked.


 Through my healing work I take people into a state of deep meditation so that we can work interactively together with the spirit realm. I soon realised that I was being guided to Hypnotherapy. That wasn't the end of the guidance - hypnotherapy was leading to Past Life Regression Therapy. This is something that I truely love to do, my passion. It's highly transformational, helping people to deal with current life issues. It's unique to each individual and it's always a great pleasure to guide someone through to transformation and see results.


We never stop learning through this wonderful journey called life. I'm continually developing skills so I can help more and more people learn, grow and develop ... and so it is, Amen.


In Love and Light

Kirsty Mac




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