Nothingness is Full


On the road with their camels in Morocco, their surroundings are the desert.


You may think there’s nothing there - the sand, the movement of the wind, the sun.


What’s there?


They can spend days moving through the dunes. How do they do that with no phones?

They are totally in peace with themselves. They move with the rhythm of nature and the giant soft, gliding footprints of the camels and the march of the sand - the wind blows it and they follow. The stars at night is their TV screen. There is nothing but themselves.


These people go way back in time, their sense of Being is natural to them. They can just be themselves, who they truly are, be with each other around the camp fire a night.


And you’ll find that when they do that their hearts are so open for each other. They have a huge capacity to love because they are with themselves, they know themselves and they appreciate what’s around them.


The simplicity of mother earth – the sand, the wind, camels and the sun and that’s it. Complete bliss & happiness in so simple a place.

A lesson for all of us – what do we need? Nothing. We need nothing but ourselves, the sun and the earth. 


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