How to Channel and Let the Messages Flow


I am here.


You have done well to write down all the messages and not care about the ridicule.


Speaking your truth is important.


I’m here to give you a message





There are many star systems and many of them with sentient beings.

They might not be in physical form and these will not have the density of earth. So yes, it’s difficult for many to come through. When you reach 5D it will be easier and that day’s coming. It’s important to realise you are not alone in this vast universe & star system that you call your galaxy.


We’re all with you trying to help. But we don’t help in your physical realm.

YOU have to help your body and then we can come through.


Aligning your chakras and being clear, opening yourself up to messages. This is why…

  • Eat well,
  • Look after your mind,
  • Be in the sun, yes even on a cloudy day, what appears a black/grey cloudy day, the sun is still there – it’s the light you need.
  • Be in the rain – all the molecules of water have memory. Kirsty has realised this and can tap into memories of the water in her bath.


On your planet earth it’s very heavy. It’s also very beautiful and the green light will open your heart chakra. Our planet isn’t green. (laughs) your planet isn’t blue! Your planet is green intentionally for the heart chakra.


There are many systems at play, many systems working for you. Your body is the most difficult one. You are in control but you don’t know you’re in control.

Many of us walk-in to see what it’s like to be human. We don’t do any harm, we take over / share your shell for a while, not for long. Your time is different – your time to our time. And then we know what it is to be human so we can help your more.


It’s your mind, body to conquer not spirit.


You need to work on knowing your body in a way that it’s a tool for you. Even though it appears very complex, and you are all trying to work out how it works, but it’s the mind that controls the body.


Your mind is like helicopters – thoughts flying around all the time, little helicopters sending messages out all over the place uncontrolled. These helicopters need landing pads.


The signals you send down your spine spark off lots of chain reactions to move your arms, your fingers your legs.


Thoughts pass down your spinal column too. It’s like an elevator and thoughts stop at an appropriate floor – each floor is a chakra. Each thought relates to a chakra and the chakras know which of the thoughts belongs to it – they sort of take hold of the thought to deal with it - because the chakras are intelligence of their own, connected to ‘all that is’ through your crown.


Each chakra is like a work station processing the thought. This is how negative thoughts can upset the chakra causing it to slow down, calcify – it’s been described before as ‘plaque’. Chakras are your life force and you need to keep them clean.


Your chakras don’t really send messages back up to your mind as their energy comes from the light through the crown, they are almost other beings, they are not your body but they take on the thoughts.


So it’s a good idea to stop this elevator of negative thoughts coming down from your mind – live in the moment will help.


I am Kayto - I have a lot to say and a lot to teach

You know what to do – control your thoughts, make them smaller, make them less significant, those thoughts that don’t matter.


And imagine a bin at the side of you that you can put unwanted thoughts in to and close the lid. Only so they’re not going down your spine. Just realise these thoughts are rubbish wasting your energy, the energy of your chakra system, you only have so much energy.

I am Kayto and I will return.





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