Don’t Fear the Tiny Sentient Beings
I trod in a snail last night by accident in the dark & saw its dead little body this morning, and so I wanted to speak with the snail.... 
No I’m not dead
You know this. My body is just a hungry vessel. I’m here to remind you that death is not final - don’t mourn little accidents with the small creatures, don’t feel bad.
I know u love us & a death isn’t pleasant. Don’t dwell on it - same as road-kill. We are alive in spirit.
Remember we are with you Mamma.
(This refers to Annagret’s retreat when 2 giant African land snails appeared in my hands in a healing session for Marion’s ears - they had to wait patiently while other healing took place & they were calling me Mamma)
We are with you, all your beloved bugs and insects. What is wrong is intentional killing. 
Any fear of the small creatures including bacteria is causing you great harm. You must look at these ideas. They are indeed ideas because any fears are not based in truth, you’ve created them
No, we are not the most attractive in form - to you. But we (snails) live in the realms with the fairies - you believe in the magic of fairies and the other realms but not us ???
When Jesus and others talk about loving all beings on your planet they are not only talking about humans and any discriminations that you need to wash from your mind.
Bacteria for example, is a gift from Gaia and they have a purpose - love them. It’s only fear of them that will harm you - not the bacteria... same for wasps, flying ants and venomous spiders and snakes. 
How can those smaller beings be enemies ? ... when all sentient beings come from God, the source creator.
Look into your mind
Look at the beauty of all these tiny beings and just know they have purpose, as you do. And then what is there to fear ???
Homeopathy is not wrong, but not the whole story - invite us in, in spirit to help you with fears and understanding.
I am the spirit of snails.


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