Arcturians – Hold the Joy Vibration


We are the Arcturians 


We are pleased to come through this channel but she has a long way to go - her journey is just beginning.


We see many of you struggling with Channeling and receiving messages and we are here to tell you that they are there and to just let them flow.



She is not sure when she receives messages such as this that they are ‘real’

They ARE real.

Go ahead and try, they can flow if u allow them to.


We want u to know that we are here with Jesus and many highly advanced beings. We are advanced beings. 


We are all here to assist u with your evolution to the next dimensions. 


This assistance can come in words or feelings, just invite us in, hold a high vibration within yourselves - that of excitement, fun and joy and we can come through.


We are not playing games - this is not a game, exciting though it is to channel and receive messages to broadcast. 


There is some very serious work at play - and all for you. 


It’s important in this time to receive information to help raise your vibration and hold it there within you.


Think of a joyful time - feel it and hold it for as long as you can. Not just while sitting on the couch, no, while u are out in and amongst other people - the high street, shopping etc.


You are doing more good than you know spreading your light.


A simple 1st lesson

We are the Arcturians we are pleased to be helping you



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