Ground to Connect - Genghis Khan 


You are an Earth child

But your grounding could be improved.

You know that rubber, always being on your feet, stops that natural connection with Mother Earth 


Go bare foot when you can but it’s not essential - use your mind to constantly connect - grow roots down like a tree into Gaia or rods down as if you’re walking on stilts - imagine it and it is so. 

Connect connect connect 


Connecting in this way allows all the plants and their medicines to connect with you too - their healing spirits. 


They have many messages for you and the right plant that you need will come to you both in physical and spiritual form - watch for them, they’ll appear out of the blue.


Your busy minds often miss this subtle connection, so be aware they are there - tell yourself they are there and use all your senses to detect them and their messages. 


Even the soil has messages for you. 

When you see a new plant (or weed you may call them) arriving at your door step this is no coincidence - don’t simply pull it out - what is is saying ? It’s usually coming to help you with somethings that’s on your mind and therefore in your body.


Pay attention to it - find out about it and be willing to communicate with it 


Drink herbal teas - make decoctions from the plants that come to you - if you can (not being poisonous). This will help you to communicate. 


Yes it’s a magical world out there with many messages coming to you - free your mind of the useless stuff so you can have the joy and excitement of this interesting, vibrant and magical realm.




Genghis Khan is one of my guides.

He always gives me a cup of tea when I see him - a tiny Chinese cup & saucer containing his own special brew of herbal tea. 

I get the feeling he did this to calm people down when they gathered to discuss peace instead of families continually fighting over nothing.


Image is of the plant spitit Mugwort - channelled and painted by Jacqui Lewis 


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