Friday 13th – Message from a Knight


In your history you have dates and times that feel significant and the books tell you want happened on those dates.


As there is no real time all these historical events are taking place now and in your moment as you think of them.


The history books tell you that on Fri 13th 1307 many of the members of the Knights Templar were murdered or arrested at 8am.


Many thousands of you have read this and believed it. It’s written in a history book so it must be true.


So you unwittingly have added this as fact  into the mass consciousness and Friday 13th is an unlucky day too.


Or is it ? Many of you reading this were involved in that event, as this being was.


By repeating what you have read and continuing to talk about it you make it the way that it is. A truth in the mass consciousness.


We suggest that you feel into it instead, meditate upon what you believe and there may be a different scenario playing out.


As it is happening now, you are capable of changing your so-called history - what is really happening ?


History books are written by conquerors and manipulators. There is a very long history of manipulation on earth with a long term end-game.


Be careful what you believe. Be careful about how you can influence history by believing these ‘truths’ just because someone has written it and other writers then go on to copy it in their own books.


Genghis Khan is a good example, a guide for this being. He was not who you believe him to be because it was written in a book many years ago.


Be careful what you believe as the mass consciousness affects everyone and what you sow you will reap.


I am a knight, having come to tell you about Friday 13th - it isn’t so.


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