Arcturians – manifesting with love


We are here. We are the Arcturians 


The message today is about love.


Look at the sun shining bright in the sky. 

Be aware of the beautiful greens of the vegetation as they go towards their resting time of the autumn and winter – enjoy them completely. All their seeds doing their work to spread the plants for the animals and to reproduce.


And as we move into this time of autumn its time for you to gather your seeds. As we head into the winter months it’s a time of manifesting.

What do you want?


All those seeds that you have, all those creative ideas. Which one is the one that you can feel the explosion of love, feel it in your heart and the breath of life that you give it?


Feel it in the core of your being, see yourself doing these things or being in this place with excitement. Yes, these appear to be irrational thoughts but this is how you create, this is how you manifest. Feeling how it is to be in that place, with that person, doing those things.


This being has been give an image of a little house and she’s very excited, she’s designing the interior, drawing on paper, seeing herself inside, sleeping in a little room, where’s she putting all her clothes? It’s all very exciting and this is why it will come. 


You too have something that you want to do or somewhere you want to be, whether in time or place. And this is what you must do to realise it – be there, doing, being, seeing, smelling. 


Hold it within yourself – the feelings of being there. 


Annagret has channelled the spirits of settling down. For this being this is important and these spirits are here helping her to do that.


It’s also very important to know that all these things are happening now. This is why you must imagine yourself in that place, doing those things, because it is happening, you create it and you make it a reality. It’s all possible.


There is no such thing as time. 

It’s hard for you to get your mind around that. 

So just trust and follow your own excitement and imagination. Keep focused.

Do this for one thing that you want to create and we’ll all get busy creating it with you, making sure people and places and things are all lined up. 

This takes time, for you. in your earth time.

Be patient, just love it.


We are the Arcturians, we’re pleased to be with you and sending you messages.


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