The Cree’ations are coming to help us….


Greetings earth being

We are from another planet, from another galaxy. We are small beings, smaller than you and we have a green hue. We are humanoid and our feet do touch our planet. We don’t eat in the same way as you but we do have a central sun.


We are all very excited to be coming to earth soon. We are all brothers and sisters.

Our planet is very blue, your planet is very green and you might not be able to see us (giggles) – we may be a little disguised.

We are here to help you


Our skills are technical. But technical in a way of telepathy to make our machines work. Yes, we have machines. Your planet is still working with fossil fuels and you need to move away from this, we can come and help with that.


Your airplanes and very polluting and they won’t be flying for much longer. We can bi-locate and so can you. Your world is going to change and it’s very exciting. Its exciting for us & you will be excited too - new inventions are coming and we will help – things you can’t imagine right now.


There are many, many species that you are unaware of, brothers & sisters.

Earth is like a poor planet and we’re all coming to help


My name is Shubta. We are Gree’atians. We’re been around for eons as you have. Your lineal time does not show who you have been as spirit.

We’re coming to help humans as you’ve been though a cycle upon cycle of the same problems and destruction.


As spirit you know better. This is why it’s important that you awaken.


Your human experience will be different when you do. You will all move up the ladder to a higher vibration and then all things are possible. And the human experience will be very different from then on - Exciting, loving, compassionate, community orientated. There’ll be no wars, there’ll be no need


We’ve been though similar evolutions many eons ago. Now we are very  peaceful and loving and we’re happy to be in service to help – this is what we do.

Yes, we have made sorties to your planet.


We also telepathically know what’s going on. Your rulers are war mongers and you are all the victims. These rulers will be taken out, it just takes time, your linear time and your planet will (then) blossom.

Your moon will be exposed for what it is.


Lots of information will come but not to make you angry – so you can see your history and where you’ve come from on planet earth and how you have not evolved.


We’ll come another time


Blessings from the Cree’ations

Love from the Cree’ations

We are here in service for you, to help you.


Before I channelled Shubta I felt angels around me and Archangel Michael. My mind saying ‘OMG am I going to channel Archangel Michael! Eek!’ But no he put his sword inside me, down the chakra line. Maybe this was protection ? Maybe he was making sure only a benevolent being would come though ? I did feel a bit of a queue !


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