In meditation this morning I felt for the first time the true density of being human.


I grounded, opened chakras etc and was willing to receive but what came over me initially was an oppressive feeling that I didn’t like.


I know through my practice and work to sit with whatever feeling is showing up and to go into it. So I stayed with the feeling that got heavier & heavier, which I can only describe as the whole of me becoming a ball of lead.

In the mean time my spirit had gone off on a journey - off down a tunnel into the universe somewhere leaving me with my mind, body and this feeling. 

I had to be learning something ?


I continued to sit in this oppressive, dense, very heavily state of being (my mind all the time saying no no get out of here!)


And then the messages flowed....

This is what it really feels like to be human.

This is the density of the 3rd dimension. 

This is what you’re moving away from. 


What a relief!

We are rolling around day to day our arms and legs are moving, mouth talking, brain active and functioning, not realising how heavy we really are. When our spirit is not activating our body in these ways we are a ball of lead. 

We don’t perceive it - the spirit within makes us feel lighter than we really are because our spirit is light (both energy and weight) and makes us feel lighter.

If we could perceive our bodies while in deep sleep,  we would realise this heaviness, heavier that you can imagine.


When the feeling started to dissipate my 1st reaction was to look out into the light.

I immediately felt relief as the light poured into me. 

Light from the sun makes us lighter (in weight) in our dense bodies. We cannot function or survive without it.


The darkness of the night is the time to sleep and our spirit travels off to learn, heal and explore as we ‘sleep like a log’, as we’re left in our dense and heavy selves.

If we realised this in our waking hours we would definitely be doing something about it - it really is a crippling lead weight. 


We need light as fuel from the Sun. 

The Sun is constantly lifting us out of this density. It’s doing far more for us than we could ever imagine.


This recognition alone - being grateful to the sentient being of the Sun,  will give us the lighter bodies we desire enabling us to move to the 4th & 5th dimensions.

More and more messages and upgrades are now pouring through the Sun for us, something we completely take for granted - Light.


Let the light pour in.

It’s much easier for humans to associate themselves with a similar density to themselves.

It’s more difficult to perceive the other dimensions because we are so heavy. Somehow we know this and most people shy away from accepting the existence of fairies or dragons, angels and even ETs because they have a different density to us - they are much much lighter in multi-dimensional ‘weight’.


To perceive this other realm, to become aware of your multi dimensional self and receive the wisdom of your higher self all you need to do is acknowledge and receive the Light. Light in all its colours and frequencies and then you will shift. The Universe really does make it as simple as that.


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