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You are here on purpose. There is no mistake.


Your higher Self chose this journey for you in this time and this place. Chose your experiences and learning. And you are helping your higher self to expand and grow with all your experiences, good or bad.


There is no such thing as good or bad, they are all experiences. We learn from them or maybe don’t learn from them. But it’s all perfect.


Every time we don’t learn we are sent the same challenge again. So that this time we might learn. This may be this life, it may be another. You can only do your best and connect to your heart.



You can tap in and learn from all the other beings, those parts of you, that are all having their lives now through your higher self, you can learn from them and bring forward gifts and be greater through your higher self.


Your higher self has connection to All-That-Is. There’s not enough time or comprehension for you to work out what that is and what that means.


All your life experiences are happening now in different realities, different planets, different time, different space, different place, and you have access to them all.

Imagine one of these lives is on another planet, there maybe a different sun, different plants and a different connection to that planet as you have with Gaia. You can tap in to that.


The galaxy that you know of; your planets, your sun, are ever present with all the stars, and all the beings, is what you’re most familiar with.

These planets are also sentient beings. So is your sun and so is Gaia, planet earth. You higher self has access to them directly, part of All-That-Is. If God Source created everything this includes the planets, the stars and all the galaxies and the universe – your higher self has access to Source and so has access to all of these.


Your connection with planet earth is known to your higher self. Your contact with Gaia and the relationship that you have with her is very important and your higher self is always asking for more and more connection to Gaia (in you). This is why there’s extreme upset about what’s happening on planet earth with the raping of fossil fuels and other resources. Because of your unconscious deep connection. You may not be consciously aware of this and that’s why you’re upset about planetary changes.


Connect to her. Don’t put your anger and upset out into the atmosphere. It just adds to the mass consciousness of fear, anger, regret, jealously and all those low vibrations that you don’t want to be part of.


The mass consciousness around earth is what you send out there. This could be a thought about climate change it could be anger towards Mon****o. All the thoughts that all humans put out into the atmosphere create the mass consciousness. And it’s changing, it changing all the time. Its like a swirling mass of energy, it moves and vibrates and is in constant flux.


The changes that are happening now, as more and more love goes into the mass consciousness, means that more and more negative and unhelpful energies don’t have room to be there and dissolve.


Don’t put any more up there into your mass consciousness which is your reality on earth – this is another dimension of ALL-THAT-IS


You are part of the mass consciousness whether you know consciously or not. What is in the mass consciousness, those thoughts and fears are part of you. You contribute to it and you take from it. Your reality on earth IS the mass consciousness.


By working on your self and removing the baggage and the unhelpful energies in your cells and in your mind, also delete these unhelpful energies slowly one by one from the mass consciousness, to leave space to add love, as you expand in love to the 4th and ultimately the 5th dimension.


More and more individuals are awakening and understanding this. Removing your own baggage removes it from the mass consciousness. Adding more love into your life adds it to the mass consciousness and then everybody, every single being on the planet benefits. They are receiving love. And more and more love is going into the mass consciousness and you’re putting it there – well done.

Now don’t be afraid of what you’ve added in the past when you’ve been angry, upset or jealous, fuelled with hatred, whatever – forget it! Remove your own baggage and it will be dissolved from the mass consciousness. There’s no guilt to have here.


Everything can change and there’s no punishment.


By listening to these words your higher self is giving you more information about what you need to do, what you need to look at within your own complex of mind and body, what you need to experience, what you need to do. The wishes your higher self has for you are becoming clearer and clearer as there is room in the mass consciousness for love.


More love means more connectedness to your higher self, meaning that you have more access to all those other experiences and ultimately to All-That-Is; Source energy.


I leave you from this Christ Consciousness for now.


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