Prosperity and Abundance – Higher Self


Your capacity to learn is great, as this being connects, she hears me come in. It can be very subtle. I am after all her and so it sometimes feels as if your own voice is speaking to you. The trick is to move your conscious mind out of the way to let it flow.


She’s asking about prosperity today

There are parts of you that do not match this vibration. Your flow to abundance is staggered, stifled and stale.


The healing that’s needed is on multiple levels.


In your current mind, the word ‘thrift’ keeps coming to you and this is something to look at.


You’ve also had many lives of poverty and lack of abundance. They were lessons for you and experiences that we needed to have to grow and expand. We understand poverty and this resonance is staying with you.


Look into your minds eye and see those lives of poverty, there have been lives of riches too.


Tap into the ones of poverty and understand why it happened - integrate them so that they no longer affect you in any way. You can do this by coming through me.

There are 5 lives to look at both rich and poor to integrate and know fully those experiences and then you can flow with prosperity & abundance.


This life is being influenced by those lives


Those lives that have been poor are of a different degree of poverty than you experience in this life – you are not poor. But the resonance is making you poor in many aspects of your life.


We are not only talking about money here.


We are talking about abundance as an essence of your whole being, and it’s available to you for all levels of your life.


Poverty in love.


The vulnerability that one needs to experience deep love needs looking at, including love of self – which is a theme running through many lives, as it is for everybody.


Change is possible and this is your choice, this is your life – change it.

Nothing from outside can change it for you. You have to go inside, connect with me, your Higher Self to realise what changes need to be made - inside and in your world, what you’re pulling from the mass consciousness and what you contribute.


It’s actually easier than you think. Go deep inside, resonate with those lives that you experience and see, and integrate them for great understanding, knowledge and ultimately power. Your own power. I am your power, you are me, I am you.

There is no other way to do this. By resonating on a frequency of lack of abundance and poverty, whatever changes you try to make will not be fully be realised. And you’ll stay in the same vibration and feeling of lack until, you integrate with those lives.


Yes, this is a hard message


You are doing your work, you believe you’re doing your work, your processing and indeed you are!


This is a wee kick up the bum as Adamas gave you too. And I’m giving you a head start of where to look.


Use that word ‘thrift’ to go inside – have your beautiful bath surrounded by sacred water and go inside – all will be revealed.


I am your Higher self. I say this with love and deep compassion, wanting your development and mine, your advancement. I can see where you’re going, the future is written and all happening now.


And I want you to advance, faster!



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