Multi-dimensional beings – White Light for the Chakras 


This is another part of you, that unseen part of you, another part of you that appears to  lie in a different reality.


Within your body there are a number of chakras and meridian lines. And there’s a flow of energy that comes through your crown, that light coming from higher self and Source


This is your energy, this is how you spirit animates the body you’re in.

Traditionally the chakras are the colours of the rainbow from red to violet/purple and to white

White is the full rainbow



This is why white is the colour showing all your dimensions. Black is the absorption of all the colours and all the dimensions.


Consider a black ball

It is compressing, its going into itself because it is absorbing, were as white is expansive. A crystal shines out all the rainbow light – it is expansive.


And while you may consider the earth star chakra below your feet into Gaia, this is not helpful. Gaia’s connection is purely Gaia’s connection through the souls of your feet connecting up to all your chakras through your legs. Do not consider the earth star chakra as a ball of black mass below your feet. This is not helpful, dissolve this now.


The chakras are different colours as you perceive them. You can see waves representing this, like sound waves, light waves. The colour red is moving more slowly than other colours.


Red is the traditional colour of your base chakra it represents your security and safety and money, your connection to Gaia, your groundedness, your humanity, your being here on planet earth and all its experiences. You know what the other chakras represent…


I’m here to tell you about the different dimensions of each of the chakras, because there are. The frequency that each of the chakras vibrate at is teaching you something.


The yellow of what you consider the Solar Plexus is often very active. The waves are smaller (than red), the light is brighter and further around the rainbow. And this is a place you often find your feelings – its in your tummy - your power connection as it’s called; your will, determination, inner child, that gut reaction when something is disturbed within you. You often feel it here.


This chakra resonates with your sun, there’s no coincidence that its yellow and your sun appears to be yellow in the sky. Information from the sun is coming in to this chakra and there’s a lot of soothing is taking place.


We don’t want you to keep jumping in and out of this chakra. It needs clearing, as do all the chakras need cleansing, clearing, soothing and enabling so that they work to full capacity. And when they do you have access to All-That-Is, Source energy, higher self

The colours may or may not be helpful to you

Some people are seeing the chakras in different colours now, new beings on the planet, see their chakras in different colours.


It’s complicated for you to work out how these chakras are the essence of your being.


They are only there and only able to be there because of God Source. When you die, when the shell of your body is no more, your chakras are no longer there because YOU have left.


You are your higher self, you are a part of God Source and part of All-That-Is – so they leave as the shell body dies. You return.


You infuse the chakras with gold light as you connect to me and this is the right thing to do. White light, gold light. The higher dimensional lights, vibrating at a higher frequency meaning that their light waves are very close together, tiny, the sound of their waves are very high, high frequency as you would know in your music.


Infuse your chakras with white light


As the light that comes through your crown is white, as you perceive it. It is the energy enacting the chakras so pull white light in and don’t be concerned about the colours. See the shaft of white light coming through your body and filling your body with white light because its information is vast compared to other colours, other vibrations.


Consider your crown, the top of your head, for a moment


This is the entrance of the funnel into your being. There’s lots of information that can come to you. The vastness of the information and knowledge is filtered down through the crown but its all around you too.

Your aura is another unseen part of you, part of your multi-dimensional self. You see it in colours – which colour are you vibrating at?


It should be white


If you concentrate on the red and there’s nothing wrong with this, this is an example.

If your aura is red, you’re operating slowly as the light waves and the frequency of colour is slower than white, yellow is slower than white, green of your heart or pink as you may see it, is still slower than white.


An aura of rainbow colours is relatively balanced as it is the expression of white light as it expands. it just needs to come into order to be pure white.


You attract the same vibrational energies of the vibration that you’re resonating at. If you’re vibrating at red for example, you will attract energies of the same lower frequencies. If you’re vibrating at orange; slightly higher frequencies and so on up the scale.


So consider your chakras as white so that you attract, and are in contact with, high vibrational beings – the God Source , the higher self, angels, guides – they vibrate in the white light.


They are not white light themselves. This is just an easy way to understand the importance of white light – in your every day, meditation and any consideration for any other being – it’s always white light.


Breath in white light, be surrounded by white light, be filled with white light.

And also that white light is so pure containing All-That-Is in the universe, God Source, that the information, knowledge and wisdom is available to you within that white light. It contains everything.


So, consider your chakras differently now dear one – be expansive, be the white light.

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