Your sleep is being disrupted my dear, as we have a lot to tell you. You have invited us in so it’s with great joy that we communicate with you.

Yes, you’re on a roller coaster of discovery. Your true self, your higher mind is giving you information and so are we.


Many beings have got your back, many beings are around you, many beings are encouraging you to take more and more steps into the multi-dimensional reality of who you truly are.


Yes, it can be scary, yes there is avoidance. But know we are here to help you in your discovery, your journey, your path, your processing and we’re always cheering you on. Don’t be afraid to go inside, after all it’s only you. There’s nothing to fear at all.


Be with yourself


And friends can encourage, it’s good to talk about your experiences with friends to put them (experiences) into the reality of your conscious mind – it’s real, it’s all real. They are witnesses for you.


We’re coming to you in your sleep, as well as now and other times to encourage you. There’s no time to lose. This is your time to truly awaken further & further into Truth.


Your being has been set tasks, high tasks, you set them yourself. We (together) just have to undo some of the conditioning and processing from your previous lives and our current life, so you can reach up to the higher realms and help as many people as possible, because this is your purpose – you’re here to help.

You are a light-worker, way-shower, discoverer and people will gravitate to you when they need your help. This isn’t for everybody, there are particular people who will come to you and you will help them in their spiritual adventure, their journey and their desire for enlightenment.


Yes, this is a never-ending path – you don’t stop your own processing. Even as higher self.


If you imagine, that the information & experiences that you’re having on this earth are going up to the higher self to expand and understand what it is to be human – this ‘processing’ never stops for your higher self too.


It’s wonderful, it’s positive, it’s delightful and we’re here cheering you on.

Go now deep inside and discover those issues that you need to clear and process. We’re all got your back, we’re all here.


Yes, we are pleased to connect with you, always pleased. Always pleased that you call us in and accept our advice and you acknowledge that we’re there with you. And we can help, we will help.

You just may not know exactly how that help comes.

Blessings dear one



I’ve shared another personal message but I know that it helps some of you.

Call in the highly evolved and benevolent Arcturians to help you.

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