More Energies, more help – Arcturuans


We are here.

This is a time of great evolution.


As the days pass, more and more energies are coming in to planet earth as we help you.


We want you to realise this is a co-creation. There are many councils and beings who are devoted to your welfare and so we collective guard against unseen unhelpful energies that would try to come in. And also to raise your vibration by bringing in the most helpful energies that we can, that we’re able to and that we’re allowed to.


Your planet is one of non-interference and so these energies are discovery energies for you. You then choose to ground these energies in to yourself and earth, or you choose not to.


Many of these choices are sub-conscious. Your higher self knows what you’re here for; light workers, game-changers. You still have some choice though, but sub-consciously you know inside that these energies are for you.


The plants and animals are feeling these energies too and advancing as you are to higher realms of vibration. Its much easier for them, they know their purpose and they don’t have the same will as you do. And they are over-joyed to be receiving and to be of help to you.


Your contact with these beings, the plants and animals, is increasing because of these energies. Your vibration matches as you become closer and closer to each other. And this is the 1st step to true evolution and towards the 5th Dimension.

Don’t be worried about not being in control


This is one of your biggest problems on planet earth – control.


And its quite ironic that you do not want the control of your government any more but you yourself are keeping yourself in control with your ego mind. That beautiful machine of your body that tries to control everything you say and do. Its been said before that it needs to calm down and pacify.


For now, use your heart filled with while light, as your whole body is filled with white light, and use your heart. Let all your decisions come from your heart and make those choices from your heart to change yourself and the world.

Simply say that to yourself. Eventually your ego mind will accept that things are changing. On a subconscious level it knows too.


When you go inside yourself some of these energies will help you to find the bits and pieces of the puzzle, to round the edges to fit into the rest of the jigsaw that is you.


And you are all coming together in the most beautiful picture – it just takes time, your earth time.


We’re seeing a beautiful tapestry of all these jigsaw puzzles coming together as you all start to merge into a collective consciousness of evolution.

You don’t need to worry about a thing.


Just accept and allow, and go with the flow. With an open heart and a pacified mind. Go with whatever feelings are happening within, emotionally or physically, have a look at them. These unusual feelings of discomfort in your body are being highlighted for you to have a look at.


Just concentrate on that, go inside and see what it is.


We are the Arcturians. We are always here to help you. We love you and we’re working here with many other collectives and beings, and we all want your upliftment. This is what we’re working with and working for.


And one day you can look back and you will see what a pleasure this journey has been.


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