There is a lot of confusion about how to go about your life.


This may sound silly to you as you know what you’re doing – you have children to feed, you have work to go to, you have to service the car.


We’re not talking about these practical things that you feel you must do.


We’re talking about the blueprint of your life



Where to live, where you should be going, who to meet and the experiences to have for your learning in this lifetime.


Your higher self, in conjunction with guides, teachers, mentors and higher level beings discuss what it is that you need to do. What your higher self needs to experience as another facet of a human life, a human experience.

Whilst your higher self may project another life on to another planet at the same time, that life is for different experiences and there’s also a blueprint for those other lives too.


For this life there is a plan. And your higher self, guides and mentors are encouraging you in completing your blueprint.


It’s not all stuck in stone, things change, but you do have some guidance and your own will to forge ahead with building the life that’s prescribed.

There’s no retribution (punishment) for not completing your blueprint. The ideas of what you’re supposed to do and learn here is a plan for you, you as your higher self. But other experiences are all completely valid.

Every experience is valid. Your higher self may be learning new things that are not on the blueprint and that’s all good.


There is no punishment


Here’s sometimes a desperation with humans, when you spiritually awaken, to know ‘purpose’ - your blueprint of why you’re here. It doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing, a channeller, in the spot light of something vast and important for people to look up to you – this is ego mind.

Your blueprint, the experiences can be very subtle, very small as you think about what your purpose may be.


Purpose changes as you develop through the blueprint of your experiences. The idea that its set in stone is not the case. A purpose at the age of 20 is going to be different at the age of 70. But overall the experience and learning will be the same.


Follow your intuition.


Do not be distracted by second thinking with your limited earth mind. This mind only contains memories, some hidden, of experiences that you’ve had in this lifetime. It’s all memories about what to do and how to react to a stimuli, a change. Your mind is telling you a way to behave. The memories that it holds can only see your life history not your future.


A creative mind is inspired from higher dimensions, and so is taking a left turn instead of a right to go to new places, new experiences and new people. And often you’re second guessing by thinking ‘should I go left or right?’ when something inside you is telling you which way to go.


That ‘something’ inside you is your higher self, guides and teachers encouraging you, to ultimately, complete your blueprint by taking one little step or one little turn.


You learn your experiences by doing, but most of all by being. This is your life journey. This life is a catalyst to greater learning and journeys in the future, as your higher self expands with knowledge, more information is received, wisdom, and therefore other incarnation are formed so that wisdom grows.


Your experiences with other people, you yourself as higher self & having access to All-That-Is, means you have access to everybody. When you meet people and you feel some connection, this is no coincidence. But stop thinking about it. Go with the flow of the connection. They are there in your life for a reason and you are in their life for a reason too. You don’t need to think about what that might be, just be, and experience life together whatever that may be in your partnership, relationship or friendship.


We are the Arcturians.

We are blessed beings and so are you. We love you deeply and we encourage you totally, to fulfil your blueprint as it is at this moment; to be in touch with your higher self,  that intuition taking you down the right path, taking tiny steps to a fulfilled life.


Your inspiration, your intuition is what to follow, nothing else, nobody else, just yourself in Truth.


This being is sitting quietly as she always does, doubting a message will come through. And we have to say her channel is clearing and improving every time she sits here. She’s inspired to sit, she’s devoted to sitting, to listening, to channel a message. And through practise she will continue to improve – clearing the channels, losing the filters, so that more and more profound messages can come through.


You too can do this.


We are not in your mind. We are coming through with your higher self to give messages of deep encouragement. So, sit quietly, be still, and present and available. We will come, call us in, we’re here to help you.


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