We come to you from another planet. Arcturians are our brothers and sisters as you are.


We come through this medium today to give you some advice about raising your vibration.


It’s hard for you to understand a lot of the terminology used for spiritual development; vibration, dimensions, higher self, etheric etc. And sometimes it’s hard to get your mind around this glossary of terms.


But you don’t need to. Just remember that it’s All-That-Is.


Raising your vibration is about holding a space within yourself to feel love and joy and excitement.


Human emotions are on something like a wave. Imagine what you would understand as a wave or light or a wave of sound. Your emotions go high & low and high & low all the time as you move between 3D, 4D and 5D, in and out, and some of you higher. Depending upon what’s going on in your life at any one moment your vibration can drop or it can rise.


And it’s important that you maintain a higher vibration, on the crest of the wave for as long as you can.


And to catch yourself when this joy, love and excitement starts to fade from your body. You can feel it and it’s almost tangible, and it’s possible for you to catch yourself as you start to drop your vibration. And then simply pick yourself back up again.


Add love in to any scene that’s before you, your thoughts and your emotions. Add love into the mix. Your vibration will either stay stable instead of dropping further or it will rise.


Holding a high vibration helps you to experience even more of a high vibration from your higher self and therefore God Source and the universe, All-That-Is.


Like attracts like.


Raise your vibration and you attract more high vibration.

Lower your vibration you will attract more of a lower vibration.

So, try and maintain a higher vibration dear ones


Stay on the crest of the wave. Because you ARE on the crest of the wave – pioneers, helping to move the whole of this planet to a higher vibration.


By holding a higher vibration yourself it’s contagious for others. Your love vibration moves into the ether, moves into planet earth and up to higher realms too. Everyone you connect with can feel it from the surrounding of your body that you call the aura. You emanate love, excitement, passion for these things you’re doing and it can spread, make people feel happy.


And conversely, a lower vibration, if you’re not feeling so good about yourself, or there’s a situation that you’re not clear about in your mind, others can feel this lower vibration – upset, unhappiness, and further down into depression and anxiety and stress.


Your mind controls these – watch your mind as your mind dips in to higher and lower vibrations.


Judgement will send you tumbling down the wave


We are beings from another planet – you don’t know us

We work with Arcturians on one of their councils and there are many beings here. All watching you all wanting to help you, sending energy and flow to help you to raise your vibration.


We can’t give you a name - you can’t pronounce it with your physical ears and mouth. This being is getting an image of Mantis type beings and we are similar.


We work telepathically, we are creators. We create and manipulate energy.

And your vibration is energy – we are not manipulating you, we are here to advise.

We will return

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