Meditate with Air & Water

From the Cree’ations.



We are the ones that are coming to you to talk about air and water

Your air is precious to you. You breathe, its necessary for the functioning of the whole of your body system.


Without the freshness of air coming into your lungs, your physical shell cannot function.


It’s with regret that we do not breathe to experience the same magical vibration in our bodies, because it is magic, as you perceive magic - it’s unseen, the functions of your body as you breathe in and the parts of your body that absorb the air are unseen, and you take it for granted. It’s only with your spirit within your body that you’re able to do this.


Air is precious.


There’s a lot of what you call pollution as you breathe but as we see your bodies, we can also see and know, that the correct molecules are being absorbed and those redundant molecules are being rejected, both by your lungs and your blood stream. There is nothing to worry about.


Air is your life giver.

Not only is it essential to your body function it also contains messages. Some of you perceive the air as the Holy Ghost, the Prana, the life giver - THE energy. And indeed, it has those qualities.


Wind is something to pay attention to.


That blast of air that can swirl all around you and your buildings is a force of energy to encourage you to take notice of the air itself. Being in the wind breathing in the air of the wind can take you to magical places, like a mediation. In strong winds you can struggle to breathe, as you would normally breathe. But consider it as a blast of Divine energy as it comes in to you, washes over you and fills your whole being as you absorb it inside and out. It is precious and so are you.


Water is also a Divine and a highly influential part of your body system, and earth. We do not have water on our planet but something similar. And we do not need it in the same way that you do.


Water is precious


This being understands quite a lot about the divinity of water, every time she gets in a bath she focuses on this divinity – All-That-Is.

Because, your water has been around your planet for eons. The same water molecules have investigated and been a part of every part of your earth. They have resided in a hairy mammoth, they have been part of a palm tree in the desert, they have been part of a bird in the sky. Your water molecules have been at the top of a mountain. They know everything.


When this being is in her bath, she knows this and she knows that water holds these memories of your whole existence on earth, for eons. Tumbling around over and over in different bodies, in different places, in the still of a lake or the adventure of a waterfall.


So, when water comes into your body, remember this fact.

It knows everything, it has experienced everything (on earth)

As Divine beings, the water also is in contact with the ether what you could call God Source.


It has a sentience and it holds memories of all of creation on your planet earth, including humans. In which case it has the memory of humans too, all your history and all your incarnations. Every single one of you on this planet.


You can ask the water for any help that you need.


Water too can be polluted as you see it as a mass.

But each molecule is always pure, it is water after all and not something else.

Pollution in water contains other molecules that reside with the water en masse, at the same time. With a healthy body and system any pollutants from water will run from your body and there’s nothing to worry about, don’t be concerned about pollutants.


Just as the plants can manage to survive in a hostile environment, where you may think may be highly polluted, they have a way within their own systems of taking what they need and rejecting what they don’t. And you are the same.

Just remember this whenever you drink water

You can tap into the memories of water and your history in meditation. It holds a vast amount of information it truly is magical


We are the Cree’ations, we are here to advise

We know what it’s like to have a polluted planet as we did many eons ago, destruction, and the worry and stress that comes from it.


But I can tell you that this is not to worry about. It’s all purposeful and will all become clear. Concentrate on your own body system, your mind and your spirit, and let the rest be, do not engage, concentrate on your self alone, all will be fine.

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