King John Speaks !
'Throw away the Robin Hood Stories'


Ha Ha ! Kirsty !

You’re a special being to me, we are related and you go back in history to my time.


Yes, I was sending your messages, they are not fulfilled and that’s a shame. When I saw that you were in the Garden (my previous job)  it was a great opportunity for me to recover some of my value, some of your mis-guided, unapproved (of) and delinquent feels about me.


I was not what you remember from your history books.

Its farcical to think that a king of this nation would behave as you see in your Robin Hood films.

I was not a dictator, I was a pacifier, I was even an evangelist as you would see it today. I worked closely with my guides as I did have a connection, and yes, my mother taught me that.

It was a very difficult life, being a king is not easy. I was determined that there would be peace but it’s very hard to control any other people. There was fighting all over the land, barons as you call them, dictated what they did in their own fields and the people suffered.


I wanted equality.

I wanted a time of peace where everybody could reap & sow without fear.


Whilst the Magna Carta is well known today, it was not well known at the time. Freedom and independence for all people did not portray their everyday lives.

Today you have a much more peaceful life, no fear in relation to those days.

I was a warrior in my own right, in my own mind.


I did not whore about and was actually quite pious. I was small in stature but big in that part of my purpose for being on earth at that time.


As I look back on my life, I achieved many things. It’s good today that you have such freedom and it stems from MY work with the Magna Carta and pacifying those beings who were continually fighting.


Fighting about money, it’s is not important. That’s easy for a king to say as there were riches all around him – gold, but it was not important to me. This was what the fighting was all about – who had more gold, and the people suffered.

As a king of the land, my duty was to the people, all the people.  And I could see the disparity, and the wealth going in one direction. Very similar to your life on earth now.


I welcome this opportunity to speak.

I know that this being loves me and so I can speak.

Those of those who hate me, just don’t understand me. Tear up the Robin Hood stories, this is not who I was.


I was a gentle man, a very caring man. What you may say, I was in touch with the feminine part and that was down to the upbringing of my mother Eleanor of Aquitaine, that divine woman who had such a huge heart, a heavenly heart in a very harsh world. She struggled.

But what she taught me was Truth


I hope to return again through this being and welcome questions.



I have connected before with King John but not like this !

He was brother the Richard I – Lionheart Crusader and not expected to become king as the 4th son.
I have known that he was not the villain king as history stories tell us. He was England’s very first administrator king, highly organised and putting things in true order, no matter the uprising that would ensue. King John wrote the Magna Carta, not the Barons. The Barons didn’t like it this is why they rebelled in 1215.

Note that the painting is not from that time. There is no true image of King John.
And Eleanor of Aquitane is also an incredible character, and from the Magdalene linage. And therefore so is King John.

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