Being watched over by Cadets in Lightships


We’re here, we are many, we’re on a lightship watching over you.

Ok we’re speaking too fast – it’s because it’s telepathy. We just download so you understand, but we realise we need to slow down so you can speak. In your mind you will get the download, in a packet. You will just know (what we want to say)

But now we need to slow down.



So, we’re on a lightship

There are many beings, there are many ships. We’re all in your atmosphere but out of sight. There are cloaks of protection for us because sometimes there are guns around and they could be firing at us. Which is such a shame when we’re here to watch over you and learn.


There are few guns, but many people could fire them, only a few masters but they are the ones pulling the trigger.


So, we protect ourselves from this by hiding. Sometimes you get glimpses of us and this is very exciting for us to do, it’s like a bit of play for us. Rather than sitting here watching and learning, we flit around and it’s our play to see if you spot us.


Mount Shasta is a very important place.


There are many of us who congregate at Mt Shasta because it’s safe. Completely safe and so many beings see us in that place.


There are other places too, remote places where we can congregate. High energy spots like temples, Ankor Wat is another one – remote and full of energy.

The pyramids are too busy, they would be a power-spot for us to congregate but too busy.


There are places in Australia, many remote places. 

And there’s a place in South America - Lake Titicaca, you now, we congregate there too.


Yes - this being is asking if there’s a place closer to home in the British Isles - some of the very remote island of Scotland, we congregate there.


But we are everywhere


We’re watching over you to learn from you about the best way to send energies, clear negativity and bring in the joy vibration for your upliftment. This is our purpose.


We are like foot soldiers or cadets. We are out, many of us watching, learning, feeding back to councils who decide how energy can help you.

We don’t interfere, we just watch.


Your planet is very dirty as we look, lots of machines, very dirty.


One day it will be clean again as it was before. So now we’re considering how best to clean your environment to help you to stop worrying about that part of your existence, because it’s using up a lot of your energy, which is unnecessary.

So, energies will be coming in, and have been coming in, to help clear your top-level environment on earth.


Do you have a message for us ?

Keep keeping on, move on, keep moving (vibrationally)

From the time we began to be here to now, the environment is very different, the energy on earth is very different now, it’s much more positive and we report this back – we have our graphs and our comparisons.

It’s much healthier and we’re rejoicing in that.




The energy felt young and fun. The info was just coming too fast for me to grab it & so the beings slowed down. It was all very light and humorous

At the end I saw the lightship take off in my mind’s eye. I think they just wanted some fun.

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