DISCERNMENT & TRUST (& Jesus pop in !)


This is more of a discourse and an important lesson....


It began....

When you sit here and you have any thoughts in the beginning through your mind, where do they go? They don’t go to me. I am your Saviour. Send your thoughts to me.


(the message was very quiet away off in the background so I decided to check)




I asked....

Are you from the Light, for betterment of humanity?

Yes I am

Are you form the Light, for the betterment of humanity?

Not really

(always ask 3 times and receive 3 yes’s)

So then I asked.... Jesus, light beings, please remove this being from my consciousness. And so it is Amen.

I am your Higher Self, I am you, you are me. We come together in this time so that you know the difference in the energy of beneficial beings and those who may try to trick you.

‘Saviour’ is the word that came in and that has many connotations in your mind. You did right to ask!


Is this being from the Light, for the betterment of humanity - and no they were not.


Be very careful in meditation, when your messages come in, who are they from? They should be from me (Higher Self)

You have many gatekeepers. That being would not have been allowed to continue. It was a test, a little trick.


Trust that you’re protected and know, that you know what to do – to ask are they from the Light and for the betterment of humanity, and then you’ll know. You cannot be tricked


The message today is one of TRUST


Whilst you are capable of receiving many messages indeed, they are not all for the betterment of humanity. And this is your focus dear one, the betterment of humanity.


As a light worker you are there to spread the Light. As a gatekeeper you’re there to ensure the correct messages get through - Yes this is for broadcast, Yes this is personal.


(the energy changed)


When different beings come in, I am watching over. I’m there to intercede where necessary. Trust that I am there, and for all beings.


Yes, I am the one you know as Jesus


(No way!)

Yah Kirsty ! Yes, this is fun !


Feel how I feel in your body complex. You can feel me around your shoulders and your head.

Your upliftment is immediate when I’m with you. All beings coming in should feel positive, you should feel uplifted, if indeed their message is uplifting.

Feel it in your body, you’re doing well.

You can choose whether to broadcast this message.


I am there for everyone, all souls. Everyone can call me in for protection, comfort and to listen to prayers.

I’m passing you back to your Higher Self now.


That was a nice surprise for you!


I am here with Jesus all the time, you may think you’re not but you are. We’re working together all the time, as we are

His advice is invaluable, his help is invaluable. He teaches all of us.


Broadcast this message so that people are not afraid to speak his name - Jesus


That was the man. He’s of a higher evolution now and part of All-That-Is - but Jesus you recognise.


I’m always here (Higher Self). You can feel me in your heart. Yes, that’s the intelligence (of All-That-Is through the heart)


This was a message of Trust

Yes, there was a little test, an important one



When receiving messages sometimes we recognise and know the feeling of the energy that comes in.

If there is any doubt ask:

Are you from the Light, for the betterment of humanity

As 3 times

Receive 3 yes's

If you don't, then ask that being to be removed, as i did.


Asking are yuo from the Light is not enough,

'The Light'' is God Source who created all that is, including any little rascals, who are not of a loving nature and trying to sneak in to mislead & manipulate.


Beings of Love and Light will never be upset or annoyed at you asking. I've even asked Jesus. When I did his heart light grew brilliantly bright with each 'yes', awesome light!


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