Fun fun fun in your life – a message from Jesus



You are all incredible beings

I am that one you know as Jesus


This being, my beloved Kirsty is having a right old giggle.


And she’s right!
This is fun


From our side of the veil, life is fun, what you would call life. It’s not life as you know it and we want you to have fun.


All your experiences here on earth are for you to learn, yes there are indeed. 




But we want you to live your life joyously, full of fun – seek it out.


Those of you who believe life is being done to them is missing the mark.

Go inside and clear those shadows.


All experiences are valid

Add love into the mix and find the fun

Realise your higher self is expanding, as you are. You are far bigger than you believe. You are your higher self.


You have access to wisdom and gifts and it’s through fun that you can access all of this.


Fun raises your vibration


Fun is laughter, being silly and joyous in as many situations as you possibly can.

This raises your vibration, up into the stars, beyond the stars

You can’t imagine how far it stretches and we see it.


Put joy into the mix, raise your vibration


No matter what the situation. Others may look at you askance and see a weird reaction, possibly, to a situation. But by raising your vibration you will help others raise their vibration and see a situation in a different light, maybe even funny.


This is an important time.


This being has posted info about Pluto. There should be no fear when reading about Pluto, Saturn and the other astrological features that are taking place from this moment on for quite a while. There are some huge energies coming in for you, as help, to raise your vibration and to stay on that higher line of cosmic awareness.


You are blessed beings.

We are all here, cheering you on, having our own fun.

Send your prayers to us, even for more fun in your life and we will see what we can do.


She’s finding this very funny indeed.

And this is what we want. We want that fun and laughter.


Yes I can be very serious in my messages but she’s laughing and laughing.

And this is what we want.


You are blessed beings

I am that one you know as Jesus


I was getting ready, opening my Chakras and bringing white light in and before I was finished I heard ‘I am the one you know as Jesus’

But I asked him to wait so I could finish my little process. I saw him slumped sitting at a table waiting. Then he said – are we ready now ? It was so funny !

This beautifully set up the message - I was full of laughter.

And then when he said 'Send your prayers to us, even for more fun in your life and we will see what we can do.' that sent me into histerics !
I just imagined high vibrational beings hearing the prayers and sitting about having great fun themselves deciding what to send to make us laugh 

Great High Vibe message - I hope you feel the fun coming off the page 

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