Arcturuans – energies, self love, rebirth


Whilst we sit in our councils, we do have some serious work to do. We are helping you, we are looking at the energies you need and we are considering how to send those energies to raise your vibration.


Yes, it is serious work

But we are of high vibration, we are high vibrational beings and therefore we’re sitting in an atmosphere, if you like, of unconditional love, that is joyous and beneficial.


We have access to many ascended masters and other beings to understand more about what you need on earth.


We are in the presence of Source Energy, that Divine love, that unconditional love which you would call an extremely high vibration.


We can’t express what it feels like and this is why Jesus came through yesterday talking about fun, raising your vibration. It’s highly important. And although our work is serious we’re sitting in joy, pure joy.

And so, you might describe our work as fun.


These Pluto and Saturn energies are coming into you now with our help. We are watching each and every one of you – how you will be reacting to these energies. This is nothing to fear, this is all beneficial. Even if it hits one of your shadows this is a positive thing - to have a look.


Feel into what’s going on inside yourself and take time to be with yourself and look at that shadow. And release it – it’s simple. It’s not a difficult process. In fact, as soon as you recognise that there’s a shadow it is releasing already. Accept, acknowledge and be aware of your own presence, your own higher self, guiding you, loving you as we are.


There are may beings on these councils, we’re all helping in our own way. We all have different skills and that’s why we sit together in a council to discuss how best to help you.


Go now and take time with yourself


It’s a very important time. This is a very important thing you must do for yourself – that self-care, self-love, be with yourself.


Do not crave other people’s company when things are difficult, yes friends can help when you express, but the feelings are all inside of you. That self-love is to be with yourself.


Crossing the bridge of time is another thing that you will be doing in your life time.


Multi-dimensional aspects of yourself are all available to help you – there are thousands. In fact there are trillions. You cannot comprehend so don’t even try.


Be yourself, your higher self, be centred, be loving to yourself and loving to others, laugh, enjoy life. This is not the only life of course.


This being is having an incredibly difficult time, understanding who she is. As more energies come in to her she is realising the conflict between herself on earth, her human self and her higher self.


It’s only a conflict in the mind. As she centres herself all will become clear. This is about mind control, controlling your own mind – where it’s going at every moment. There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s almost like a rebirth of realising who you truly are; your higher self.


Send your wishes out to your higher self to be that.


We are all helping dear ones

We all want to realise your ascension. And it will happen in your life time. This is a magical miraculous time.


History will look back on this time aghast, unbelievable realisations of what you all went through. You are history makers, you are pioneers, you do not realise how the work that you’re doing now will influence the galaxies, the universe.


This is also why we work to raise your vibration and to help you, because you and your energy affects us all.

We are all one, we are all together in the bliss of All-That-Is.

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