You are beautiful beings


I am the one you know as Jesus


Your body mind complex is indeed beautiful and you must see it that way.


The facial recognition that you have with each other is only one aspect of who you are. You see yourself as bodies, all walking around, all doing your thing.


But you’re far greater.


The energy that’s pouring from yourself into the ether and to others is dynamic and incredible, you must pay attention to this.


It comes from your heart centre. The energy that flows from your heart, the resonance that you’re holding, impacts everything, everyone around you.


You are holding space for yourself and many others too. This means that you can affect many people by simply being. Being in the supermarket, walking down the street. As people bump into your consciousness that’s expanding way beyond your body. You help others to recognise within themselves something else, something more than the believe they are.


To hold a high vibration is difficult in this 3D world as you live on earth, doing your things and what you do.


And it’s a matter of mind. Not mind over body, but clearing your mind of the irrelevant and trivial things and just be, from your heart space, just be.


Expand your heart as far as you can, the moment that you walk out the door, knowing that you’ll be in contact with many other beings.


Do this on a daily basis, as a practice the moment that you walk out the door, and see how you can affect others.


Concentrate on your mind and the way that you’re thinking. Bring joy and love in to every situation, catch your thoughts, watch your heart expand and contract as it will.


Notice it, be very aware of what signals you’re giving out.


I am that one you know as Jesus 

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