A message from Jesus 


You are blessed beings

I am that one you call Jesus


There is an awful lot of talk around 3D, 4D, 5D and other dimensions at the moment.


You must realise that you are in all of these dimensions simultaneously.


Your conscious mind cannot comprehend what that means and this is why it is so important just to BE. To acknowledge and know where you are at any one time in your conscious mind.


Your conscious mind just cannot comprehend.

So, this is why it’s important to be in the now, be in the place that you are. Catch your mind as it drifts – how are your feeling? And therefore, what are you doing?


This is not difficult.

Every experience is valid.

Do not beat yourself up about not doing something, not being something.


Where are you in this moment?
How are you feeling?

What is that feeling telling you?


Your mind can create feelings but your feelings are also telling your mind something, something creative, something to look at…

How are you feeling?


And of course; bring joy and love in to the mix at every opportunity.

Love yourself in every moment no matter how you’re feeling.


Expand you heart, breathe into your heart that white Light and know that everything that you say and do affects your heart.


Every experience is valid.

You are all learning my dears, all the time.


There’s nothing wrong with anything you do.

Just acknowledge what’s going on around you and how you see yourself as part of that, in every moment, whether you’re alone or in company.


All is fine,

Just relax into it, know yourself through your thoughts and your feelings and then you will realise the true you in the moment.


It’s always you.

Your higher you, your you in your conscious mind and your multi-dimensional you.

It’s always you


You are blessed beings

I am that one you know as Jesus 

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