A message from Jesus


As you sit quietly in this space connecting to all of us, you are connecting to your high empirical self.


That self knows all that is and you on earth are trying your hardest to connect & remember. 


And this is all it is – remembering


You are blessed beings

I am that one you know as Jesus

We’re not so far away from you. And I am with you, closer than you think.


We’re all up in a bubble of Light and magic, where miracles can happen in a blink of an eye.


And it’s so difficult for you to do that in your bodies on earth because of time and your connection.


So just remember dear ones, this is all you need to do, just remember. And you do this by going inside, being at one with yourself, being, just being.


As this one channels this is what she’s doing, being.

There’s no shopping list going through her mind, no irrelevant thoughts. She’s closed all that down. And this is hard for you to do – switch between being and your day to day activities and needs – when to eat, feel how tired you are – so sleep, and keep connected at the same time.


A lot of it is in the breath


Breathe and know with each breath you’re connecting deeper & deeper to that holy being that you are, that connection to God Source can come through the breath.


You don’t need to try, it’s easy, its constant. Your life force, that spirit that is you, God Source is helping you breathe. You don’t need to think about it, it just happens.


So think on that dear ones - You’re always connected through your breath.

So maybe be more conscious of your breath and know that it is Source that’s animating your body through breath. And bringing that Light Source in through your breath.


Know that it’s Source Energy


And those molecules of oxygen etc will go travelling all the way through your body, every cell in your body – this is Source Energy, animating the whole of your body.


Realising this, you know that each cell in your body therefore, is animated by Source. And it’s only you, your own earth mind that stops this connection.


The cells in your elbow are connected to Source, so why would you have pain in your elbow?


Well, you have blocked the energy from Source to your elbow, and why have you done that? You just need to ask the cells.


You can clear the cells. It’s part of your filings system, of your memories and emotions, those feelings. And the pain that comes in your elbow is telling you there they are missing God Source Energy – that’s all it is.


So go to elbow, go to your cells and ask them what they need and clear them.


I am that one you know as Jesus

I am here to help you

Call on me


Life on earth is far simpler than you believe it to be, it CAN be far simpler, just being.

You don’t need to do anything

Feel joy in your heart with every step you take. If there’s no joy in something to do, don’t do it, feel joy. And all your cells will be rejoicing too.

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