Work with your inner child 

- a message from Jesus 


You are beautiful beings

I am that one you know as Jesus


This one is looking further into the body for answers about how she and others are feeling.


The inner child is part of your network of imagination, cells and chakras, and a combination of many, many things. And it’s a good way of looking at how you are feeling.



The inner child is a reflection of your ego mind a lot of the time.

You can imagine your inner child in your tummy where your 3rd chakra is, your solar plexus. We often feel emotions here, especially if it’s something that we don’t like.


You can imagine this inner child as your own being reflecting back to you how you’re feeling.


And you can communicate with your inner child – to comfort it, know that it’s safe and for it to realise that it no longer needs to be scared.


This is a real meditation to do and it’s very helpful indeed.


This is the same way that you can talk to different parts of your body; the cells, the muscles, you can also speak to the inner child. Imagine cradling that beautiful being, that is you, and soothing and comforting yourself.


Talk to yourself in this way, it’s very helpful.


These are all little techniques so that you can control your mind, and understand your belief systems, and where they have come from.


By speaking to your inner child – this is not your baby, this is not who you were as a baby - this is you now. But it’s the hurt child:

The one that was beaten up in the playground,

The one that was chastised,

The one that was told it wasn’t good enough,

The one that was told it was stupid.


And it remembers. It doesn’t forget these things, and it’s all stored away within your body and your inner child for you to be able to look at, and reveal, and let go of.


These belief systems go deep, deep down inside of you.

These are the indoctrination of this world; society, family, school and your inner child is a good way to look at these in a very compassionate way. Your inner child is you. Have a conversation.


How would you speak to your own inner child?


With love of course. And as you speak to your own inner child with love so you realise love, so you know you are one, you are your inner child.


And as an aspect of yourself you can change how it feels.


You can change how you feel, you can let go of some of those programmes and deal with your belief systems. It’s a very good exercise that this being is coming forth with.


I am that one you now as Jesus

Take heart dear ones all is fine

Rest when you can.

There are some huge energies coming it that can feel very messy in your mind, body system.

But just know they are here to raise you up, into higher vibration and help you to look at some of the things in your mind that are not helpful, that you need to let go of, those things that no longer serve you.


You can let them go and raise yourself up.

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