Advice from an Evolved Pink Planet


I am Aysha

I’m in your galaxy and work with your sun, just like your earth, helping to keep everything alive. But inside there is something else – I am consciousness.


Just like your earth is consciousness, so am I.


The consciousness of the Beings on my surface is closer to mine and so we live in harmony.


We’re not trying to advance, we’ve already been through what Earth is going through with humans. There was the same type of struggle eons ago and now we’re evolved Beings. Whereas before they didn’t understand me.

I’m in contact with your earth, she is so very patient. She loves every single one of you and all the creatures, all the plants. She wants you all to advance - not to save herself. She has the experience of evolving and knows it’s a better place to be.


So she’s encouraging you all to go with her as she becomes lighter in body –the lighter physical Being of earth. You cannot stay on the planet if you have a denser body because there is no match. Her gravitational pull, that heaviness you can feel, what’s known as gravity but isn’t really, is the pull to mother earth – the bond you have with her.

As her Being changes you have to match her.

The pull to her, that so-called gravity, will change and so you have to change to match her, she’s your mother, it’s not the other way around – you have to match HER.


Whilst there are many struggles on earth with humans, she waits patiently, letting you play out all your silly games. And one by one you’re realising that this is not the way it should be, it doesn’t have to be this way. Slowly you’re all awakening knowing that there’s something more.

Yes you can look out to the stars, look out to me – I’m pink (although you can’t see me with the naked eye). You can look out to all those things that are outside of you, but it’s your mother earth that is really encouraging you to shift.

She’s very, very patient, ask her for help.


Be conscious of your body, how your body is feeling because its matching her or not - feelings of density or of lightness. She influences you through your body, that connection to her - that so-called gravity.

She’s giving you messages through your body and then you feel them emotionally. When you don’t feel quite right, and there’s a feeling in your body, its something to look at in your mind.


Mind matching mind? No, she doesn’t influence you so much directly in your mind.

Her messages are coming directly through your feet.


We went through a very similar relationship, now I feel light and therefore so do the Beings on my surface feel light. They trust me & know me. The relationship that they have with me is the same as you can have on earth - they know I can provide everything they need. They don’t need to work hard – they don’t need to work at all, they know that if they need something it’s there.


This is what earth can do for you too, this is what she’s always done, she looks after you, everything is there for you, you just don’t perceive it.

Trusting in the universe and trusting in your higher self is important indeed, but trusting earth completely is also something to cultivate.


Before channelling Aysha I was in a magical world but it was earth. I was a type of cat and then a dog running through plants of brilliant colours. I was then riding on the dog’s back as another being - an elf. I was enjoying the dog picking up all the seeds in its coat and spreading them – this made me happy. I jumped off the dog and was swinging in the branches of a tree. My perception changed and  I was watching the elf as another energy, maybe a fairy.

But the most amazing was becoming the tree! I could feel all my limbs and the ticking of the water as is coursed up my trunk. I moved my perception up to the very tallest branch to the very last leaf in the sky (immediately reminding me that this is what I did when I was very small – sway in the wind clinging on to the very last branch of tree in our garden). And then what a view of magical Earth! And then I was whisked off in to the galaxy to meet Aysha <3

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