Message from Jesus


You are incredible beings
I am that one you call Jesus


Today is a day of rain and greyness where this being lives
But she rejoices with the rain, she’s fascinated that raindrops can fall from the sky.

And this is what we want you to do dear ones


Your thinking mind cannot work out everything in your world and how it works.

This is why it’s important to connect to your higher self, Source, All-That-Is. You may not understand everything, even in doing this. But, you will appreciate the joy. You will have more insight to how things work, but only what really matters and what you need, for you.


Consider a raindrop, in its beauty it can create a rainbow

And your science is working out how this occurs and even children learn this at school


But really – what is a rainbow telling you?
Many of you see a rainbow and your heart leaps with joy, and this is what we want - the fascination of your world, how are things created? It’s an amazing, amazing place!


Treat every experience in this way too – it’s an amazing place.


All these beings that you bump into whether physically or energetically, and the connection even when you’re miles apart – it's fascinating! How incredible is this world, and your multi-dimensional existence in it.


And you are incredible, you are part of that incredible existence

You don’t even need to go into the higher planes, to meet your higher self, guides, me, to understand how incredible your life is.

Just look around you, the colour, the forms that the molecules take, the trees, the life in everything


It is truly incredible


And if this world does not create that joy and excitement, that mystery and magic (within you) then you’re completely missing the mark.
What are you doing?


For awakening beings, this is your first task


Look at your world with all your senses. Feel that your senses are alive as you explore this fascinating world of yours.

And slowly, slowly the spiritual elements, the ether will come to you through your world.


Don’t try to escape it

Keep your feet firmly on the ground, be completely grounded to Gaia
This is where you are, what you must do in this time – be connected to Gaia and therefore All-That-Is.

You have access to everything you need


I am that one you call Jesus
Rainbows! Rainbows! Rainbows!


He really did say Rainbows! Rainbows! Rainbows!

We have to re-learn many things and one of them is to look at our world completely objectively,
Forget science and beliefs and to sense anew - this is why I'm fascinated with rain.... our precious water just falls from the sky! Incredible !


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