Autumn, A Time Of Magical Reflection With Your Own Sun

A message from Jesus


As the nights close in, in this autumn time, in this part of the world, you need to adjust to the differences in light and dark and just accept that this is part of your natural world.

Your natural state of being

As the nights close in, you can find it easier to go inside and look at those things that you need to release, look at those things that you need to dissolve.


Be aware of your body dear ones

Your body gives you all the clues that you need – how are you feeling?

Remember the programmes. And as you’ve heard others, and your news channels, as they’re telling you darker (things), and have less brightness in their words about his coming period of your seasons.


This is your natural world

And you can reflect within yourself your own natural world – a time to go inside, a time for more peace and quiet, a time for more reflection.


Be aware of that chatter of how miserable this time of year is.


Because it is not, you know it’s truly not.

Be careful how you’re programmed now, and from the past


So go inside my dears

Feel your body, from the inside out, feel your aura if you can – what vibration are you projecting?

Is it the misery of the darker days?


The sun further away

You have a sun in your heart, the Light is always there

And so concentrate on THIS sun. This beautiful golden sun can fill your whole body no matter the light outside.


And marvel at your amazing world - of clouds, look at the form and colours, the magic of the rain falling from the sky and the rainbows.


And feel the light of the sun inside your heart – it truly is magical, you’re in a magical space, a magical world, here miracles can happen.


The sun is always there of course.

You don’t need it beating down on your head and shoulders for you to receive the wisdom from the Light.


The Light is always there.

The Light from the moon is there.

The Light from the stars and planets are there.


Information is coming to you all the time – why would you block that being miserable? Believing that the darkness is closing in and oppressing you when it is not


As you sit more in your snug houses, heating coming on now, feel joy of protection and safety in your lovely cocoons.


And don’t forget to go outside no matter the weather – receive the rays of the sun as Light form, as colour, as the magic of your seasons and it will raise you up. Feel the wind in your hair, the rain on your skin.


You are part of the whole universe and by doing this your will feel it too


I am that one you know as Jesus

It is always pleasant speaking to you, helping you awaken into the magical, mystery world of the Universe.


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