Taking The Path To Abundance

A message from Jesus


This being is running a session today around abundance. And whilst it is focusing on another, she will benefit too from this session.


Blocks to abundance are within your psyche, that larger part of you.

It is not in your mind, you can’t think through it.


You can wish and pray for life to be better and of course we’re here to help – making your wishes come true and we hear your prayers, but you must find the blocks yourself.

I am that one you call Jesus


There are many lives, many aspects to each and everyone of you.

Some need integrating in this life-time so that you an realise the abundant divine self, your true nature that cosmic being, divinity within and this enables true unfaltering trust in yourself and the Universe.


This is part of your lesson here on earth – to connect with who your truly are and have lots of life experiences as a human to gather even more experiences and wisdom for your higher being and therefore all that is and all of us.

All your experiences are available to all of us at all times.


We know who you are dear ones

We know where you’re going

We know your path right now


The probabilities that present to us about your trajectory for your life on earth is plain for us to see.

The probabilities of whether you turn left or right and where that takes you, is shown to us.


And you an change your life by choosing another path, making another choice

The probabilities of 90% that we see for example - the way you’re going for the rest of your life what it looks like - we can see this.


And sometimes we’re giving you hints and guidance, coincidences, déjà vu , dreams, to help you choose that 10%. That choice that’s more aligned with your learnings your desire from your higher self to go down a different path, take a different route – and we encourage you to take that 10% probability that then becomes 60, 70, 90, 100% that your life will change


It’s all about choices dear ones

Listen to your guidance dear ones


It’s all about your inner guidance, your intuition, follow your dreams in your waking hours and sleep, being guided down the path less trodden.


This is your path to abundance


Make different choices in your life, how you think, what you do.

This is the way to abundance

Follow your guidance


You can’t think through abundance


It is to be fully immersed in who you truly are and then you are abundant

Be in this moment, fully aware of your senses in every moment. Your senses on earth and your divine senses too all at once, that is the goal

And whilst this is a difficult challenge

That is the goal


I am that one your call Jesus

I am with you giving you hints

Call me to stand at your side and I’ll walk with you, nudging you on to a different path…. Maybe even pushing you

You’re all Divine beings




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