Your Beliefs are Your Addictions – What’s yours?


I am that one you call about Jesus

Today this one wants to talk about addictions, and so we will.


These are not something to fear.

These are not something to dwell upon too deeply.

And certainly not beat yourself up about.


Addictions come in many guises; it could be clothes, it could be shopping, it could be tobacco. It can be alcohol and drugs, and this is what you normally feel is addiction.


But look at yourselves dear ones

You’re all addicted. Maybe it’s TV, maybe it’s news, maybe its specific news about a certain thing that’s happening. Maybe you can’t leave the news alone – you need to know

Do you?


There are positive addictions – the obsession with your children is not an unhelpful addiction.


The addiction to wanting to be with your close friends, wanting to share deeply with each other is not an unhelpful addiction….

Unless you are uncomfortable

And when you feel uncomfortable you just go inside and find out why it’s you, you, you alone that’s feeling uncomfortable. You bless that being you’re with for triggering you in to seeing something that you need to deal with inside. Friends are a blessing, triggers are a blessing- a gift.


Addictions come from many places

These addictions that you want to leave behind.


They are not ALL in your mind.

Some of them yes indeed are from the programming that you’ve received in this lifetime

For example

Someone may grow up in a family where there’s abuse of alcohol. And as a small child this all comes inside you, you can’t help it really. You’re innocence just takes everything in from around you as a sponge and you may then form an addiction to alcohol – not always. Some beings are highly guided to abstain and not want to be like those they’ve experienced.

But many others of you, most of you, have programmes in your minds, from a child, soaking in all  that’s around you. Soaking in those addictions from your family and those you come across.

This goes on


This is not just little children being sponges, you’re always sponges.


This goes on and on through your (life) experience. You set belief systems in to your mind. It’s not always childhood issues.


This is what to look at – your belief systems.


What do you believe when you buy a new item of clothing. What do you believe inside yourself? Do you believe that you will feel better from a garment?

Yes there are many energies around this garment and this one knows

But we’re taking about the individual putting on a new dress, for example, and feeling good.


This is something from the OUTSIDE world. It is not inside you. Only those developmental things that you do like developmental meditation and prayer can help you on the inside.

And a new dress will not.


Or what about that new car? or a new sofa? or the walls in your house need to be a different colour?


These are all on the outside. It will make you feel better for a MOMENT, just a moment. And then you’ll be looking for the next thing.

These are all parts of addiction – it’s all on the OUTSIDE of you.


This one is visualising plants. And that’s another good example – the addiction of having your garden just right. Controlled. Controlling nature, a very interesting concept. And of course you are nature yourselves.


So  just watch yourselves dear ones for those purchases  and that craving to find something new on the OUTSIDE that makes you feel better. It doesn’t really does it – think about it dear ones.


You have to go inside and uncover those belief systems around addiction, whatever small thing it may be. It may not be drugs or alcohol or cigarettes, it may simply be an obsession about the news, an obsession about a band and music – just watch yourself

And become aware


This is all we’re asking


Because then you can come into your fully conscious mind and when you do that, being mindful as it’s called, you are more connected than you now.


When you’re conscious, FULLY conscious, you recognise the feelings in your body, you recognise the thoughts in your mind and this is all we’re asking.


It’s actually quite simple my dears


Take time to do it. And this is one of the biggest problems on your planet – time. Take a little time


I am that one you call Jesus

You are indeed blessed beings. Send your prayers to me so that I can help you reveal these beliefs, these feelings in your body so that you can come more into yourself, your true self.

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