Be Consciously Human To Embody Your Higher Self.

A message from Jesus


You are incredible beings

I am that one you know as Jesus


It’s not difficult to meditate, many of you meditate. And what’s important is that you can maintain that sense of tranquility, a peaceful mind and relaxed body through the rest of your day.

Meditation is extremely helpful to connect with your higher self – your higher soul, All-That-Is and us.


We’re here to give you some nudges and some advice but it’s your higher self who know what it needs from you, what it wants from you. And whilst it will love you unconditionally it does have some desires for the progress of your life.

How to tap into what that is starts with meditation.


That peaceful, tranquil place where the world outside disappears and you go inside cleansing and clearing, making way for your higher self to become more embodied, more and more embodied every time you meditate and let go of those things that are no longer helpful to you – memories, emotions - clear out everything that you no longer need.


As one thing goes more of your higher self can come in.


For your higher self to be embodied you must be completely conscious in your daily life.


In mediation it’s a different consciousness. You’re going deep down into your subconscious mind, your unconscious mind and letting it flow, consciously releasing from your subconscious mind.


Through the rest of your day to maintain that sense and feeling you must be conscious of everything you do.

Every thought,

Every breath,

Every heart beat if you can.

This is difficult


Mindfulness training is one way to understand how your mind wanders all over the place and all the time.

Meditation is another way to feel the peace and tranquillity and hold on to the feeling.

Being in nature is another way – your senses are completely alive with the magnificence of trees, and plants and animals and the joy that this brings you, this is another way.


When you concentrate on any one thing that you’re doing, you’re actually embodying more of your higher self.


You might not be thinking about it, but that concentration is one-mindedness. You’re not thinking about anything else, you’re not doing anything else. Just watch your feelings of stress or anxiety in what you’re doing. Those are not helpful.


When you’re concentrating you’re completely focused, alert, and this is what you need to do dear ones.


Stay in touch with your higher self throughout your day – be completely focused on what you’re doing, mindful of what you’re doing whether it’s washing up or drinking a cup of tea.


Watch how your body moves.


Sometimes you have involuntary actions, reaching for that cup of tea without thinking.


So concentrate on what you’re doing.

This is your ego mind just moving in to a habit, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, it shows you that you’re not focused or mindful, and your arm is moving because your mind (not your spirit) is telling it to.


Sometimes involuntary movements are to your benefit. Sometimes it’s your higher self moving – turn left not right as you walk down the street. But you have to be focused, paying attention in an embodied way, senses alert to every smell, every feeling in your body, everything you see.


This is getting closer to your higher self.


Some of you may not think that it is, thinking that you need to have your head up in the stars, but no.


No. To know who you truly are is to be, to be within yourself completely as you are, as a human and your higher self is naturally flowing in to you.


The filters of your mind are there, of course, and this is a task for you to ensure that anything that no longer serves you is removed, and as these filters disappear, so more of your higher self embodies you - as you are focused and concentrating and mindful of being human.


We don’t want your head up in the stars

We want you full grounded, fully here on earth, embodied, here on earth.


And if your beautiful mind pops in to give you some chatter, just say thank you, not needed right now and put the chatter to the back of your mind.


I am that one you know as Jesus

These are things that I learned during my time on earth too, to be fully embodied

And I learned that matter doesn’t matter and you will too dear ones.



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