The Gold Dragon


In meditation at a circle I have seen a gold dragon a few times and the last time it came in to me.


This morning in meditation it appeared in form so I could understand what it was doing with me.

I’m the serpent you may describe as kundalini.


I manifest as the dragon so Kirsty will understand what I am. I can change into any colour but I am gold with her.


My firey breath is that of the Kundalini.




You all have a dragon inside you or the rainbow serpent.


It’s not without power that I’m here. My energy moves everywhere, all around. It’s in the whole of your aura not just the body – it swirls around all the time, it’s like I’m swimming through you.

I can take you up in to the universe through that steam of light that’s pouring in through the crown – your choice. I can also take you through the souls of your feet down into mother earth – there’s another existence there. I help you move her (Earth) energy through your body up through your legs.


The fire is the fire of life – I’m a fire breathing dragon

I am you


This fire isn’t separate from you

I work with you and it just depends on how strong you feel me – I can work through your arms, your throat and you can be me as if wearing a mask or headpiece of a dragon.


This is a message for Kirsty but for you all too. I may not appear as a gold dragon to you, I may be the rainbow serpent, I may appear as a cobra, I can also appear as a mermaid.


My golden eggs are your chakras, these energy balls I help empower – my breath cleanses them, my movement straightens the alignment, I’m forever swirling around ensuring the flow through all the meridians to the tips of your fingers, keeping you healthy. The celestial body within your body.


I don’t stop moving. yes even while asleep although my movement is more subtle.

When you feel slugging heavy or dense call on me and I will breath fire in to you. I will sit with you and animate you and I will also give you a little whip of my tail to gently encourage you. I can turn in to any colour and you can see me as green gold now and this is what you need right now – green light.


When people look at you they may be able to see me. Some may be afraid – I am a dragon! They can see me through your eyes , they can sense my energy moving all around – over around and through you constantly, I am powerful. I can make you feel bigger than you are, taller – some people sense this and some people are afraid.


(then the dragons wings appear and grew to a humungous size I was a pinprick in comparison)


My wings are moving your aura further & further out in to the universe. One being looks so insignificant. But I am you – come inside me now, be me now. Be as huge as the universe, as I am.


Why am I feeling so tired ? (I asked the dragon) Your spending energy in wrong direction. I’ll blow my fire on you I’ll give you energy.


(Then I asked my spirit guides as I was astonished)

Khan – is the dragon real ?

Oh yes, he’d be sitting in your circle if that were possible (laughing)

Brown Bear – yes this is the serpent of ancient times – revered and understood, we would draw the serpent on the ground all the time in acknowledgement.

Father John – yes, as I travelled people were afraid of the mythical sea creatures, serpents swimming in the depths of the sea able to swallow the ship at any time.

Khan – when I was alive there were serpents in the sky, in the clouds, in the mountains. We acknowledged they are always around. This gold dragon is inside you to remind you of this energy. Keep focusing on it – the gold dragon.

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