The Chatter of Silence


There’s no such thing as silence, you’re always hearing something – the road outside, a buzzing in your ears, a fan in the bathroom. You have never experienced it.


Imagine your mind without a thought, and it’s very hard for you to do, all your external world makes some noise. If you can shut that off you may be able to hear space. The molecules all around you are not completely silent – air molecules, the chair where you sit, the carpet beneath your feet.


Do you think these are silent?


Imagine an amethyst. All those many years in the ground converting to the beauty of an amethyst. All the sounds that go with that process. And now it looks so dense. The purple of its colour reflecting the light of our sun. 

Imagine all those molecules working; all those waves of colour touching the molecules as they go through the air to your eyes – is that silence? the light waves go through your eyes into your mind and brain, all those molecules and synaptic nerves flashing their messages all over your brain, and mind also looking in to your ‘filing system’ to explain what you’re receiving – purple, and form and for many of you the love for that crystal – that’s not silence. 


And then there’s your body


You sit in mediation peacefully & relaxed, breathing deeply, there may be no sound outside your mind as it’s relaxing, floating.


Your chakras are your energy centres powering away, is that silence? Your 7 chakras and more, influencing you. 

Their movement, the information coming in & out of them, affecting you & every molecule in your body. 

And then the light coming through your crown in waves of light, or are they particles (giggles). Are there messages coming with them?

Light coming through your crown, light coming through your eyes, light being absorbed by your body. All the monocles in your body are affected & react to what they are receiving. 


That is not silence. That is a cacophony, organised chaos.


If you could see what’s going on in your body as it’s receiving light – it’s a very very busy universe. Constantly flowing, constant messages going between the cells and the molecules – constantly reacting, constantly moving, constantly regenerating – is that happening in silence?


Focus on your finger tip


Feel the cells on your finger tip – they are busy, aren’t they? The skin can feel the air, can feel the blood moving, constantly regenerating, sending messages back through your finger to the rest of your body. 


Imagine all the molecules in your body all talking to each other - 60 trillion cells (each containing 5 million to 2 trillion molecules for the average human cell). 

All talking, all communicating with each other.

That’s a very loud noise (laughs), a very loud noise indeed!


And then your other senses 

So, you have touch – those molecules you touch with are talking to the molecules you’re touching. 


The molecules you’re breathing in as smell are communicating with every cell of your body. Your mind is deciding if you like the smell or not. But actually, that smell is coursing through your whole body and giving information to every single cell – there’s a right old chatter going on.


And your eyes of course – we’ve covered your sight – the light waves come in and your mind is busy interpreting what yours’re seeing, or your think you’re seeing through the ‘filing system’ that you have built up through your years on earth.


Taste of course is easy to understand – the molecules of the thing your tasting is full of information and chattering away. Eating a lettuce leaf that you’ve grown in your garden – the information is huge! This is why you feel happy growing your own food. Information is coming, not only from the lettuce, but from the light energy, and from the soil, and from mother earth contained within it – all coming in to you. 

The chatter is immense. 

But then compare it to a tin of baked beans – not as much chatter but it’s still there. 

Hearing we’ve covered, even the air around you is not silent. You just can’t perceive it.


True silence would blow your mind !


Because you’d hear all the molecules.

And without those molecules there’s nothingness and you can’t perceive of that either.

The universe is a very very busy place. 


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