Surprisingly, or not – I started writing this at 09:09 this morning 


Arcturian, the Consciousness of 9


We are the Arcturians.

We’ve been observing you and all on your planet.

You’re making great headway doing these channellings - it’s helpful, developmental. To be a clear channel you need to move your mind. You’re still analysing.


There’s no difference between us. We are all energy, you have body so this is difficult to perceive with the density of your molecules - they are linked to mother earth, they are her.


You can feel us trying to come through in fits and starts. Open your heart to receive. Your noisy world, your noisy mind - it’s difficult to be completely open but you can. Open your heart.


We are the consciousness of 9


You’re always looking for magic in your numbers. All numbers are magic and they all have their own resonance. 9 is the last number, a completion number and you have a lot to complete in a short space of time.


We relate to your 9 chakras


These are where you’ll find the baggage – each one like a magnet – you go into each one and you’ll find the links to the baggage that you need to look at. Use your hands to feel them.


She’s questioning 9 chakras

She knows the Earth Star, the link to mother earth 1ft beneath your feet.

There’s another chakra at your back up the top joining with your heart and pituitary, there’s one there behind you. And there are many more.

This one behind you is related to your history it has a direct link to your higher self. Its also blue. This is a chakra to tap in to for historical influences. This is the one to work with to clear those influences, it’s your Higher Mind Chakra. Those of you who have this chakra alive and working can easily integrate previous lives, others will feel the influence (of these lives) but not know where it’s coming from.

Kirsty’s feeling her ears being pulled back, her throat being pulled back as she’s concentrating on this chakra as we speak, she feels her head being pulled back – she can feel the influence now of this chakra. More of an energy ball, its own little universe, as they all are.


Yes go now, spread this word. We are Arcturians, we are of 9

We’re here to help you, we’re here to help you shift

We love you



As I was writing they popped in again ….


We are pleased you’re writing this all down, it will help many. Share it ALL (I was thinking of editing)

Yes there are 9 chakras, there are many things you don’t know & you’ll be given the information when it’s pertinent or appropriate. This is important for you as it’s important for your work in this incarnation. Yes.

Go with it, tap into the 9th chakra as you often do to look at your own historical information and you help others to do so too. We’ll work with you.



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