Reactive your DNA – Kayto, a Lyran


Long ago in your history (Kirsty) you were Lyran.

You know that there were battles in this constellation, the planets, and many Lyrans fled to other galaxies. You know this, you’ve been told this. You were like a captain of a ship. You managed to get out very early during a big battle.


You were courageous, taking others with you aboard the ship.

But you decided that you couldn’t leave the battle, to just escape. So you returned alone to help. It was an enormous war, whole planets were destroyed and you felt helpless. You decided that this should never happen again. And whilst you were in space for quite a while on your own, you did eventually join the others on a new planet. And you sort of started again – the 1st colony. You worked really hard.


These historical battles of our galactic history are available (to you) and also need clearing. We’ve all had them, we’ve all been involved in them. We all need to forgive, we all need to forget.


Some of your DNA is still holding this information (because) earth beings are hybrids from eons ago. You all contain that plasma (?) that knowledge of events in the past. To forgive things you can’t remember is a difficult challenge. You don’t want to re-live it! It’s impossible to imagine.

What to do, is to switch on the DNA memories and to concentrate on the positive aspects of them, and make a conscious choice, a decision, to enable that DNA to reactivate. And remember who you are, who you were (Plasma is from the sun – that’s the meaning of plasma)


You are all salt and pepper sprinkles of the universe – all the different universes, galaxies, star systems, star clusters.

Just know that your DNA is linked to your history. Others may be trying to stop you from realising this. Experiments with DNA are bringing forth this information but not giving it to you.


There is a double-edged sword to finding out your ancestry by providing DNA.

They know there are ET connections in all of us, all of you, all of us. While you want to know your ancestry on the earth planet they are extracting information about your real history on other planets. Don’t think about this – do what your will. They are building up a map of where all the other beings are. Not to worry.

You’ve all been Lyran. You’ve all been everything. The most difficult is earth, even all the battles in space, earth is the hardest challenge. The density of your body means it’s hard to connect to your higher soul and its this challenge, because of this challenge, that you chose it.


Kirsty wants to know about her Lyran guide


I am Kayto. She sees me as blue, a cat / lion image. I’m related to you (Kirsty) as a Lyran. There are a few of us in the constellation of Lyra now, not as many as before. We are a long, long way from you (on earth)


We are in the 7th dimension


We’ve conquered all the healing, all the healing we did, we live in peace and we work with other councils to help planet earth and other star systems develop.

I’m the captain of a ship. I’m here helping Kirsty enable that DNA within her as she has many skills that goes with it.

Yes, there are other parts of your DNA that are related to reptilians – don’t worry about this, its small in comparison to all the others - all the other stars and gifts from all the other beings that you were in your life times. But they are there (reptilians) and you can choose whether you switch it on.

We are light beings, of the Light. We’re here to help through councils and individually as we switch on that DNA.


I’m Kirsty’s guide and I’m here to help her switch on the DNA so the gifts will come forward – remembering, healing AND forgiving, there is a lot of forgiveness.


We are here to help you, and to deliver you.

Kirsty’s asking what the 7th dimension feeling of love is like in the heart. It’s not quite as straight forward as that, it’s a feeling all over. We’ve given her a little glimpse – she feels it running down her back. 

We work closely with the Arcturians, we have many councils. I’ll go now.


(feel a finger on my brow, 3rd eye)

“Reactivate this DNA”

(feels like an initiation)

Reactivate this DNA of the Lyrans (repeated)

(a hand came through my solar plexus and an arm up to hold my heart – like a lions claw but a hand massaging my heart, repeating “reactivate Lyran DNA”)

There are many messages coming through now. You have no time to waste. Shift, move!

Know that you’re loved. I will revisit



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