A message from "Dead Wood"....
Walking in Hainault Forest I became very conscious of the noise I was making as I scared 3 deer, one after the other.
The fairies are always telling us we’re too noisy in the woods...  So I slowed way down, practicing conscious walking & being very alert to all sights and sounds not wanting to frighten another deer.
I came to a glade and took a seat. Closing my eyes I was conscious of every tiny sound. And the fairies arrived giggling around my legs and feet starting to pull at my skirt. 
Then I became aware of a dark shadow in front of me - it felt as large as a man about 6 feet away - and I didn’t open my eyes, I kept my awareness on it- and then it jumped very close - a foot away & in my whole perception. And still I kept my eyes closed.
Unafraid I asked who it was ‘I am the spirit of wood’ it replied.
I questioned - it said wood not the woods.
No - I am the spirit of what you call ‘dead wood’. 
The forest had been recently been ‘managed’ and there are many piles of large logs, as well as naturally fallen trees & branches left where they fell.
The spirit of ‘dead wood’ said that it is still living and not dead at all. In the right conditions it will grow again. It has many purposes and the trees are still connected to the fallen branches or the intentionally cut logs.
‘Even if you burn us we are happy in our purpose to keep u warm. The forest trees and plants all work together to create homes for plants and wildlife and eventually we rot down for fungi and to create soil. And all the while creating homes and food for plants, animals and insects.
So it’s not right to call us ‘dead’ we are very much alive even when cut & detached from a tree. Just call us wood.
We are in your mass consciousness and thought of, by most people, positively and we are happy about this because we are indeed a positive influence for you’
All the time the fairies were pulling at my skirt that I had to move, and getting more urgent, now I followed their advice - who knows why.
When I opened my eyes there was a massive log of wood in front of me - was that there before ?
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