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The majority of us are vulnerable, in some way, to forces outside of our own physicality.

A spiritual health check is an opportunity for you to check, not only your physical body, but also your inner and outer etheric fields (maybe you know them as auras), to ensure that you are Sovereign i.e. there is only you within your body and etheric field.

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How do I know I need a Spiritual Health Check ?



Our body / mind usually lets us know if there's a problem. We will probably be unaware of what has happened and how - we simply don’t feel right. 

For example:

  • Unexplained pains or physical annoyances that have come from nowhere, or that the medical profession has no idea about
  • A change in mood to a sadder or more depressed state that you can't seem to shake off.
  • General and consistent lack of energy 
  • Lack of emotions, empathy or caring about anything
  • Extreme negative emotions that don't feel they belong to you
  • Voices in your head whispering strange ideas to you
  • Common mental health issues; anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, depression, sleep problems etc
  • More serious mental health conditions e.g. suicidal thoughts, psychosis, schizophrenia *


Any of the above may indicate that there is something else, something that does not belong to you, working against you within your Mind Body Spirit compex. Or you may be recognising one or more of these symptoms in someone who is dear to you.


Even people who are healers or those with psychic abilities can be vulnerable to negative influences. 

Go to the Spiritual Practitioners page if you are a healer or spiritual counsellor, a psychic or medium for specific advice. 



But most of the time we can feel fine...



My own personal experience can vouch for the fact that we can feel ok, be getting on with our lives and have negative influences playing games with us and not know a thing about it.

All this was years ago but I learned my lessons and this is why I'm here today to help


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The cost is £80


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* People with more serious mental health conditions can be referred by others as they are unlikely to refer themselves




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