This session takes place remotely, ‘the patient’ can be anywhere in the world.

There are 3 of us gathered to focus on the patient and working within the spirit realms.



If you are referring yourself you may have an understanding about the items on the following list, or maybe not but it doesn't matter.

If you are referring someone else all you have to do is want them to feel better and trust that we will do the work.


We will connect with the patient’s energy and Higher Self to ask permission to proceed and go through an extensive list to check, clear and balance as we go:


  1. Sovereignty. This means, the patient is in sole possession of their body and outer etheric body (also called Aura or 7 bodies). Whether the answer is yes or no we will continue... 
  2. Grounding with the planet
  3. Inner Etheric Body
  4. Chakras and Aura
  5. Earthbound attachments
  6. Self-created thought forms
  7. Dissociated sub-personalities (also referred to as soul fragmentation)
  8. Past Life resonances
  9. Agreements or contracts in place (negative)


We also ask for advice from the spirit realm about the after care measures that may be needed to keep the patient in a continued state of health and well-being.


After the session


I will send you (the client) the findings of the session and the advice given.

Most of the time I will send you a recording but sometimes this will be written. This is because spirits can sometimes turn recording devices off or interfere with them. It's also the case that patients cannot understand, or do not want to know what was found and repaired - they only want to feel better.


I also want to hear your feedback too.

I will contact you 1 week after the session to ask about improvements 




You can refer yourself of course (you are the client as well as the patient)


But a lot of the time, a person experiencing a spiritual attack or feeling pretty rotten and unable to function fully, is unable to refer themselves for whatever reason.

Therefore you (as the client) can refer another person (the patient) if they are:

  • A family member
  • A close friend
  • A patient that you are treating
  • A student (over 18) that you are teaching. (students 16/17yrs need parental consent too)


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The cost is £80

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