Spiritual Practitioners 


If you are giving spiritual advice to people, offering healing, running meditation sessions, leading circles or workshops you may consider a Spiritual Health Check. 


From my own experience and that of some of my friends, it's quite easy to believe that because we're in touch with Spirit, we're clairaudient, clairvoyant etc or that we have healing hands, that we are immune to negative entities or influences.


It's important to accept, the possibility that we are not Sovereign



It's generally good practice to have a spiritual cleansing, to know you’re Sovereign and then maintain your Sovereignty thereafter.


It's especially important for healers and spiritual practitioners who come in to close contact with others to ensure that


  • negative energy / entities are not being passed on to clients or in to an environment from you.
  • you are not vulnerable and invite negative influences in to your own etheric being from clients or others around you
  • energies from the Universe are not being contaminated or diverted as they come through you


So that as the channel or conduit, you are clear and pure, bringing through the full essence of the Universe as Spirit intended. 



Ask if you are Sovereign


If you regularly meditate and are in touch with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, you can ask them directly if you are sovereign.


You must ask 3 times and get 3 clear yes answers.

"Am I Sovereign" and know fully what this means.


Even negative entities abide my the Laws of the Universe.

They can be devious at first but eventually they will tell the truth.

Therefore you may get a no answer, and if you do you will at least know it's  the truth.


You may wish to use the list on the How it Works  page to ask your Guides in more detail.

e.g. am I fully grounded to Mother Earth, again ask 3 times, and go through the list.

It's possible to be sovereign but your chakras may not be balanced or fully functional, for example 

So it is wrth going through the list

Or asking us to do a very thorough and objective Spiritual Health Check for you - Here's the Booking Form 




Are Your Spirit Guides Authentic?


You can also check the authenticity of your Spirit Guides as well as the authenticity of the Spirit Guides and Higher Self of clients, if you connect with your clients in this way.

If you are thinking .... of course my guide is from spirit, hogswash.... or words to that effect.

Well in fact, yes, everything comes from Source, even neagtive entities.

And this is why asking "are you from the Light" is not enough.


Spirit Guides will not be offended in the slightest when you ask them.

And if they are offended then you must ask yourself who or what are you actually in contact with?

Ask them 3 times  "Are you from the Light, working for my highest Purpose and the betterment of Humanity"

3 clear Yes replies must be received.

If you receive a no then break all contact and ask your true guides and helpers to ensure that this entity does not make contact with you again. And consider a Spiritual Health Check.




More information on this is in a short video below from the awesome Dr Terence Palmer, and Andrew Porter who has been working as a psychic surgeon and spirit release practiitioner, with his guide Chen for many years.

Even he has been caught out.

The only thing missing from the clip is to ask 3 times.



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