Spiritual Protection 



Hold a High Vibration 


This is the consistent feeling of love and joy

You can find a lot of information on the Web about raising your vibration.


It's being without fear or judgement and being in your heart more than your head.

Remember the deep love that you feel for someone special, or go back to a time when you fell head-over-heels in love, or the birth of a child  - it's about maintaining that feeling and operating your life from that vibration.


Being in the natural world, being mindful and having all your senses fully alert to your surroundings is also a simple way to raise your vibration. It's maintaining it is the tricky bit.


Experienced meditators going in to Higher Dimensions, can also feel the unconditional love of the Spirit Realms. They maintain a high vibration by consistently practicing, and bringing that feeling to their every day life.




Shine your Light


From a higher vibration you can more easily shine your light - the light of your spiritual being.

This can be detected by others but on etherial levels.

Negative people will move out of your way and people holding a similar vibation will not. They may even gravitate towards you, not knowing why.


BUT, your Aura must be intact, without perforations, for you to do this as a protection. Darker forces will be attracted to your light if they can see perforations in your auric field.

So use other methods below as well, whilst you work on raising your vibration and strengthening your light

and get a Spiritual Health Check !



Shield your Aura


Simply done: 

Imagine with intention that there's a shield of sorted around you, a layer of protective light, armour, fire etc.

Check that's it's enveloping you; including under your feet and right over your head, as well as around the back and front of you.


Put this shield up when you need to, when leaving the house, entering a strange place or where there are lots of people e.g. shopping mall, super markets, airports etc  



Sea Salt


Throw sea salt in the baths or let your shower run through a small bag of salt.

You can also run salt over you before and/or after the shower



In the home ~ put sea salt at doors and windows, in the corners of rooms where it's possible for stale energy to gather, even around your bed. Change the salt regularly putting the old salt down the toilet.




Pentacles and Pentagrams


Use these symbols. These are not symbols of negativity, witchcraft or demonology. 

They have been used for many hundreds (if not thousands) of years for protection. 


Draw them with your wet finger on your windows, doors and mirrors.

Even use holy water (i.e. water blessed by a priest)

And it doesn't matter which way up you draw them


Print them out and put them under your bed if you're having trouble sleeping (or not)





The Short Guided Meditation

to protect you and strengthen your Aura.

Credit to the awesome Dr Terence Palmer who has been working in the Spirit Release field for many years.

When you have practiced a few times you'll be able to do it in minutes, if not seconds.


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