A Magical Adventure to Morocco


A annual pilgrimage for spiritually minded people.

Usually an alternative to Christmas and the New Year.

I also take small groups to a music and tribal festival in the deep desert.






Festival of the Nomades 

2-9 April 2019


An annual journey  to the desert for the festival of traditional music and flavour of the Tamazigh people


Full for 2019

Contact me directly if you're interested for 2020






Stars of Sophia Retreat


A journey to the South of France, an hour from Carcassonne on the steps of the Pyrenees to experience the divine energies of Sophia ~ Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene, Isis and others. Journey through the sacred geometry of the lansdcape and Channelings


Also the land of the Cathars and Knight Templar and many secrets !


It's in the making

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