Healing simply means a connection to wholeness, a return to your true self.


We have never actually needed to ‘heal’

We have never been broken.

We have simply forgotten that we are whole.


Alchemy is “a process of transmuting something of lesser value into something of greater value”


We often think of medieval alchemy as physically turning lead into gold.

When all that time the alchemy is what’s happening within us - as our higher selves. We can affect all multi-dimensional parts of us by a single action. And change the lead body of the 3rd dimension into the gold of the higher realms and the 5th dimension on earth.




When you feel that something is not quite right within yourself, whether emotional, cerebral or physical, this an indication, and an encouragement from your Higher Self to seek out the solution to it, otherwise the sensation wouldn’t be showing up.


Whilst you feel an uncomfortable, or even painful sensation in your physical body, your solution to wholeness does not lie only there in your body.


As a multi-dimensional being the part of you that holds your solutions can be anywhere in the vastness of your being;

  • one of your thousands of past live,
  • a buried memory or learning from this life.
  • Or possibly waiting to be found somewhere in the expanse of the Universe, cosmos or ether.



My goal is to cleanse, clear and transform whatever it is that’s causing you the discomfort. I help you to fully integrate your experience so that you have a deeper wisdom and understanding of your magnificent multi-dimensional self. And as a result you will feel lighter, shine brighter in doing your lightwork and be more inspired and connected.


To find out more, there are details about how we can work together  

Multi-Dimensional Integration and

Sovereignty Solutions






You can feel comforted that your solutions to wholeness are simply waiting to be found.


Please feel free to connect with me for a free 30 min consultation.

Kirsty Mac 

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