As a multi-dimensional being you exist on an infinite number of planes of existence.

You are not only the 'you' that feels and thinks in this conscious reality.

You are your previous incarnations and your future selves; both on earth and on other planets.


Other planes of existence are also hidden in the etheric realms both inside and outside of our physical body. One part of our etheric existence is the chakras system with the meridians and your aura. These can be affected by our multitude of incarnations, both favourably and uncooperatively.


Considering yourself more as your Higher Self, instead of solely this body here today, helps you glimpse into the multi-dimensional reality of who you truly are; you are in many places at once, some parts of you have a physical body and some are pure energy.


Your higher self is conscious creative energy and therefore, so are you here and now.

During incarnations of lives, including this one, you can create more parts to yourself. These are in the etheric realms and can be helpful or a hindrance to you in the life you’re experiencing.


You can read more about these realms in the Sovereignty Solutions section, where I explain in detail the clearing that takes place to ensure non interference.


What will you gain from a multi-dimensional integration session?


Solutions and Closure


Solution finding for your issues can take you to any life incarnation as the source of your problem. And we can also go back in time, in this life, to find a latent memory that will be the solution.

Whatever the issue there will be transformation and closure.


In all of our incarnations, including this life, it is our goal to integrate all the experiences and learning from that life, whether we would judge them as good or bad, they’re only experiences.

If integration was not able to take place naturally at the time, for whatever reason, we still have the opportunity to go into that part of ourselves, and integrate it now.


Lives of confusion with emotional distressed can sometimes ‘bleed through’ into this life. This causes very similar issues and distressing feelings in this current life, indicating that the previous life was not fully understood for its purpose blueprint and not fully integrated.


When lessons and experiences are not been fully grasped by the soul at the time, that incarnation is more accessible to us. More so than an incarnation when everything went to the plan of our blueprint and our higher self evolved from that experience.


Solutions to any issues that may be arising or has been with you longer term, can be cleared and integrated.

You may not know exactly what the issue is and you may call it a ‘block’ and we can explore that easily too.

Or you may be able to describe it as a phobia, a physical symptom, relationship issues, unhelpful emotions e.g. anger, depression, anxiety, or other cognitive health issues, irrational behaviours or compulsions.

The list is endless, as vast as our own emotions and thoughts through many incarnations.




The integration of experiences during a session will give you a deeper understanding of who you are, in this life and as a multi-dimensional being.


You will receive greater wisdom, both embracing what does not serve you and welcoming your gifts from other incarnations.

We have all had incarnations when we have developed significant skills and you can gain access to them, and integrate them too so they can be more fully realised in this life time.

Your higher self also integrates the wisdom of the experiences in a session and expands because of it. After all, you are your higher self.




Clients always remark that they feel lighter, both in body & mind. You will experience a freeing up from unhelpful energies. A ‘bleed through’ from an incarnation, a previous life, will no longer be an influence on you. That life becomes fully integrated to the larger part of you; your higher self.

After a session you will feel sovereign and in control of your own life without interference.


Physical, Cell Cleansing


Memories are stored in our bodies, in the cells and in the water within them.

A session will often include body therapy to clear latent emotions that you have been carrying with you in your body.

Body therapy can also take place for you to fully realise and integrate the experience and make the change.

* More practical information about body therapy below


Soul Family


Members of your family and close friends, in your current life can appear in a past life experiences, even on other planets. Your recognition may be a physical resemblance to someone you know, it may be solely in the eyes, or you may simply know, feeling a resonance of familiarity.


This part of the process can help enormously. You can understand more fully how your soul family members often incarnate with us to help us to develop.


Unhelpful relationships in your current life can also be resolved during sessions. There can be greater understanding of the issues and experiences between you and the roles individuals play.

This is also an opportunity for your generational linages can be cleared and healed of a behaviour that you may not even know is heredity.


Not everyone meets soul family members in a session. The goal of a session is entirely focused on your needs and nobody else.


Meet your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit Animals


Your higher self and spirit guides are all playing their parts in helping you to experience what you need and to meet your intention for a session.


Your higher self and guides can be called in during a session to help you with your experience and give you advice.

You may have a relationship with your higher self and guides already, or this could be the first time that you meet them, possibly new guides too. Spirit guides from the animal kingdom may also be called too.




For multi-dimensional integration sessions there is always a need to check the realms for unhelpful energies. Specifically, as they can influence your experience of another incarnation, or accessing current life memories, to find your solutions.

This can be a whole session in itself depending upon what arises.


And this is not only vitally important for your issue solving during our work together. Releasing unhelpful energies also will free you in many aspects of your life.



Practicalities and Process

  1. Free 30-minute consultation

After your make initial contact with me by phone or email, I will arrange a convenient time for us to have a consultation. This is a phone conversation or via the internet if you prefer.

The purpose of the call is for you to tell me a little about yourself, solutions that you’d like to find and the issues you’d like to resolve.

You may not what you need and it’s perfectly fine to simply tell me there a ‘block’ in an aspect of your life.

In turn you will understand a little more about how a session can work for you.

There is no obligation to have a session at this point.

  1. Complete the Connection Form

This is an online form, which will tell me some more about yourself and what your intentions may be for a session.

The form is designed to start you on your journey to a session, to help you mull over what you want to achieve. It’s not taxing, it’s very easy, but it is important that you’re in the right frame of mind when you’re completing it (not rushing as a commuter, for example), because I can gauge your energy from the form.

When I read your form I begin to create your session.

I can also receive inspiration from the higher realms about what you may need and where we need to go.

When you submit your form the payment details pop up.

There is still no obligation at this point if you choose not to commit

  1. Sessions – booking time and place

We will find a convenient time, date and location, which may be on the internet.

Typically, sessions take 2 to 3 hours but if your session is on-going after 3 hours I won’t end the session – I am aiming for completion.

Please allow 3 hours for your session. But also ensure that you have relaxing time after the session, both for further integration of your experiences and in the case that we continue the session for longer.

Sometimes we need to split sessions into two or three. There are various reasons for this:

  • Unhelpful energies need a lot of time for their release
  • Solutions and gifts are lying in a number of different incarnations
  • One experience and its closure highlights another issue
  • That I perceive that you are too tired to continue

We will not know going into a session whether your experience will culminate into a completion. But I do have a habit of being ‘a one hit wonder’!

  1. Continuing Support

After your session we will connect via the phone or internet. The purpose is for you to tell me how you are feeling following your experience and how aspects of your life have changed after integration.

We may decide together whether another session will be beneficial or that you would prefer my continued support via phone calls or on the internet.


Connect with me for your free 30 minute consultation 



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